Moral Victory Numbah' Three!

"I think this was perfect. I think Stevens has the game plan down cold. He is, as advertised, one smart dude. What you saw from the Celtics last night is what you need from the Celtics this season. Oh, they will get better as the year moves along, but this was a fairly strong greenprint. The Celts played hard. They played together. They got some encouraging performances out of the young guys. They were competitive. And they lost. Perfect."

I just love this quote from the Boston Herald.... So now I'm keeping track of our moral victories : )

On a more serious note, here's a couple of things I've noticed from this game, as well as the past two.

Kelly Olynyk has his flaws.....

The first quarter tonight illustrated almost the entirety of KO's flaws in an entire quarter. He was matched up with Thaddeus Young for a good portion of the first quarter, and Young had his way with the rookie. Thad out muscled Kelly several times in the paint, clearing him out of the paint completely once or twice. Olynyk was out rebounded twice when he was out jumped on rebounds, or correction, the opponent jumped, Kelly remained flatfooted on the ground.

Kelly's lack of defensive prowess was also on display (really the whole teams was) when he picked up two fouls in the first quarter alone. Also, early in the second quarter Young blew by Olynyk twice for easy points in the paint. Finally, Olynyk made a nice up and under move this evening, but was stuffed due in part to his T-Rex arms. It's still early for the young rookie, and I'm not too concerned about KO at this point, but these are all things to keep an eye on going forward.

Jordan Crawford: Renaissance Man

Who knew? J-Craw has shown some real skills so far, and not just in the scoring department. I think it's clear Pressey has shown enough to warrant the backup PG job, but what about Crawford? I think he's got some potential to start at PG while Rondo is still out. Bradley might be listed as the starter, but I think it's clear he can't push the ball consistently up the court. Crawford pushed on several occasions, while still maintaining his potential as an offensive threat. I'd also add here that Crawford is one of a few players who fits right into the "shoot more three's" mentality.

I want Wroten......

Period. What a steal for the 76ers.

Bass the "Black Hole"

Brandon actually had a decent game tonight on the boards, five offensive, but a number of these were from lucky bounces. I noticed however, on offense, when the ball got to Bass most of the time ball movement stopped. He dribbled some, pivoted some, and "threw up" a shot. I don't know if maybe he hasn't bought into the system, or maybe they were trying to run the offense through him, but I wan't impressed.

Sully the "Beast in the East"

OK, maybe not, but he was pretty good tonight. He scored in a number of ways this evening, and his offensive game looked solid. I'm looking forward to seeing him continue to improve. Defensively he still looks a little sluggish, he was out-rebounded a couple of times, and botched two charge attempts. Hopefully, he gets back into game form soon.

Pressey = Backup PG

He hasn't played against any NBA elites yet, but against bench guys (who he'd typically play anyways) he's looked good. He's pushed the ball, made good passes, and kept the offense moving. My only complaint is he leaves his feet to pass occasionally, but he'll grow out of that in time. He looks like he might be able to give us ten minutes on any given night.

Defense needs a lot of work...

Tonight that was obvious. Lack of rim protection killed us, lack of transition defense killed us, lack of consistent on-ball defense killed us, etc. I'm also beginning to question if Bradley can really be the defensive anchor of this team. Individually he's fantastic, but nothing he's done so far has shown me he can take control and run this defense.... only time will tell. I hope he steps up.

Well there you go, my three preseason games deep thoughts..... and I didn't even mention Jeff Green. All I'll say is give him time people, to me it looks like he's just coasting through this preseason.

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