Unsexy trades for a Center

Was daydreaming this evening of ways to acquire another Center while clearing up logjams at the PF or SG. Here's a few ideas.

Boston Gets: Steve Novak, Aaron Gray

Toronto Gets: Brandon Bass

Toronto is a team on the rise, but their roster is a little thin at the PF now with Bargs on. With the core they have now, they have probably three or four years of a playoff contention window. Bass has proven he can be a valuable role player on that sort of team. He also allows the Raptors to spread the floor and create lane for their slashers.

For Boston, Novak is basically filler for salary I have no idea what value he might bring. Gray to me is the real target here. Toronto has plenty of depth at the 4/5, and could stand to lose Gray. While his production isn't much, he's a legit Center, and his per 36 numbers are actually pretty solid. Apart from the fact that he'd foul out of every game lol. The Celtics could stand to do worse.

Boston Gets: Anthony Randolph

Denver Gets: Jordan Crawford

I've been pushing for this trade for a while. Randolph's got oodles of potential, that's just wasting away in Denver's deep big man rotation. The Nuggets are thin at the guard positions, especially at the SG with Iggy now gone. Let's make a deal! I'd even throw a pick in to get this done.

Boston Gets: Festus Ezeli

Golden State Gets: MarShon Brooks or Avery Bradley

Before you all go bonkers, I'll handle the AB issue down below. To sum this up, Ezeli's got potential, but the Warriors' have several solid big men already. I don't know that Brooks gets this deal done, so I think Bradley is better bait. Bradley gives the Warriors a solid perimeter defender, something outside of Iggy they lack at the moment.

Ezeli gives us a young big with potential to become a decent, solid starter in the league someday.

Boston Gets: Gorgui Dieng

Minnesota Gets: MarShon Brooks or Avery Bradley

Basically the exact same as above, with one exception. I'd throw a pick in to get this done. Dieng's defensive prowess is somthing we desperately need on this team.

Boston Gets: Jeff Withey

New Orleans Gets: Clippers 1st round pick

According to the trade machine the Celtics have enough cap to get this done. I know it's essentially giving up a first for a second, but it gives us a player we need now. Also, imo, the Clippers pick was a freebie, so I don't mind taking a risk with it.

Boston Gets: Hasheem Thabeet

Oklahoma City Gets: MarShon Brooks

Oklahoma could use more depth at the SG position now that K-Mart is gone. Brooks give them that.

While Thabeet hasn't lived up to his potential, he was always a project to begin with. He's a big body, who's best strength is arguably defense, and again he's better than nothing.

Boston Gets: Meyers Leonard

Portland Gets: Avery Bradley

I like this trade a lot too. Leonard has shown some skills and is young enough to still have some run in this league.

The Trailblazers don't have much at SG outside of Matthews, and they could really use a perimeter defender. Bradley gives them just that.

The Bradley Thing: Simply put: I don't buy into the standard line of "Lee, Bass, pick = Starting Center." The Celtics will need to give up some value to get what they want. Bradley to me is just that. I don't think he's a great pairing with Rondo (my opinion.) And to be honest I don't think he's worth the 6 million(?) the Celtics will probably end up paying him. So it makes sense to me that now's the time to move him. I'm sure some here disagree with this line of thinking and that's fine.

Anywho, just some ideas..... let me know what you think.

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