Upcoming roster debates.&.conspiracy theories.&.Carmelo

The conspiracy theory of the month is serious and is as follows:

Courtney Lee...........148

Can you guess? It is the number of minutes he has played this pre season. Not a big deal until you learn Lee and Jeff Green are tied for most minutes. "Showcasing Courtney Lee anyone?"

Conspiracy theory of the week is somewhat less serious and is as follows:

Keep Pressey off the floor "he's too good." The team will win too many games. So you have Crawford who is not a point guard rotating with Bradley who is not a point guard. Honest to Pete, saying "Crawford is better than Bradley at the point" is not saying all that it? Ready for this? (I know Pressey's hurt...just go with it)

(You will remark I have ignored Crawford's vastly superior shooting numbers because they don't fit with my theory)

Pressey 15 rebounds - 20 assists - 6 steals - 7 turnovers (92 mins)

Crawford 16 rebounds - 17 assists- 4 steals - 11 turnovers (128 mins)

I rest my case...if you adjust for minutes played, Pressey is a rebounding machine compared to Crawford. He puts up almost "Rondo like" assist numbers. He's got Crawford on steals almost 2:1 and Pressey is a ball protector of the first order...just look at those stingy TO numbers.

At 35 minutes per game, Phil Pressey will be a triple double threat each night, of course, supporting my 'keep him off the floor" theory. Pressey is a threat to Ainge's draft plans.

Conspiracy theory of the minute not particularly serious, but doable :

Carmelo to the Celtics.

Its' a perfect fit, Ainge gets a rule change that lets the Celtics pay Melo $105M a season called the "Melo exception." (what the hell else would you call it?) It stabilizes the C's cap issues by applying the new rule change to any player "sharing the cap with Melo." It's only fair right? Melo gets the cap and everyone else gets an agreed upon what? $500,000 a season? With today's Celtic's roster this deal is in the bag, most of our guys will only need to take a 50% pay cut in order to keep their job and the "high contract guys" quit, get released or retire...who needs'em? We got Melo.

Huh? You wanted a championship? Well, Melo doesn't so that issue is out of the way now isn't it?

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