Pre-Season Predictions

Thought this might be a fun way for us to pass some time before the season gets here, so let's give it a go. What I'm looking for is a couple of things (I'll list them below,) feel free to offer thoughts on some or all of the predictions, and I look forward to your thoughts. To start off, I'll list all the predictions and give my own.

  • MVP
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Most Improved Player
  • Defensive Player of the Year
  • Sixth Man of the Year
  • Coach of the Year
  • GM of the Year
And how about a couple of Celtics predictions, seeing as this is Celticsblog.
  • Celtics MVP
  • Celtics Best Young Player (under 23)
  • Celtics Defensive Player
  • Celtics Most Improved (rookies excluded)
  • Celtics Best Bench Player
  • Celtics trade you wish would happen (just one)
Here's my predictions, let me know what you think of mine, and I look forward to yours.
  • MVP - LeBron James
  • Rookie of the Year- Victor Oladipo
  • Most Improved Player- Kawahi Leonard
  • Defensive Player of the Year- Paul George
  • Sixth Man of the Year- Harrison Barnes
  • Coach of the Year- Thibs
  • GM of the Year- Blazers GM (Olshey)
  • Celtics MVP - Gerald Wallace.... I don't buy Rondo and Green will be here through the entire season, and Rondo is still out with injury. Wallace seems to supply leadership, toughness, and hustle.
  • Celtics Best Young Player (under 23) - Jared Sullinger.... Need I say more?
  • Celtics Defensive Player - Avery Bradley.... Kinda obvious. I don't think he's worth a big extension, but he'll be the best defender for the Celtics this season.
  • Celtics Most Improved (rookies excluded) - Kris Humphries..... It should be easy for Hump to improve on last season, I've got my eye on a double-double season for Hump.
  • Celtics Best Bench Player - Jordan Crawford.... Shows some PG abilities, and still hits crazy ass shots. Should be a volume scorer for us this season. If you need proof, look what he did on a crappy Wizards team last December.
  • Celtics trade you wish would happen (just one) - Trade Machine seems not to be working, but I'll try:
  • Boston Gets: Caron Butler (expiring), Giannis Antetokounmpo

    Milly Gets: Jeff Green, Courtney Lee

    Do it Danny!!! Tanks away!

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