The perfect pipe dream: Skip the tank & rebuild. Win now.

Lets imagine that the Celtics, led by Stevens, surprise the league by starting the season out winning 40 to 50% of their games before Rondo's return in December. Yes, it may be a long shot, but it could happen.

That would be an indication that there is enough talent on the roster to forego the tank and rebuild strategy. If this is the case, then it makes sense for Danny to build a contender by trading redundant players and some of our many 1st round picks. Might as well leverage the hype around this upcoming draft.

So who would best complement a core of Rondo, Bradley and Jeff Green?

Look at that shot chart and then compare it to AB & JG. Avery shoots a higher percentage in the corners, but overall is better on the left side of the court. Jeff also is much more dominant on the left side of the court as well. Hayward, a lefty dominant wing, would fit in beautifully. He can shoot a high percentage outside from all around the arch but he can get on fire on that Right side.

Imagine the simplest of plays where Jeff (as a PF) drives from left to right using his speed to get by his man. He could kick it to Avery in the left corner who can either take the shot or toss it to Hayward on the right side of the arch.

Imagine those three on the court with a stretch big or two stretch bigs like KO & Sully or Fav and you could have a very dangerous offense.

Defensively, Hayward is another one of those wing guys who can guard and play multiple positions. He has long arms and at 6'8 he is a tough matchup for smaller guards and has shown an ability to even outrun King James.


So what would it cost to get Hayward? He will be a RFA this upcoming year and its unclear if the Jazz are willing to match any QO. That team is in a very similar position to the Celtics. They have talent on their roster, but it is incomplete. They will likely be one of the bottom 5 teams and have taken on expiring contracts (from GSW) in order to get extra picks. Their coaching situation is uncertain with some analysts betting Ty Corbin will be the first coach fired this year. We also know that they were very high on Kelly Olynyk in the last draft and we know that Sully & Burke grew up playing together which could be valuable for a team. The Jazz fans are also high on Alec Burks who has been sort of buried at the 2 and could be a future starter for them.

A simple trade could look something like this:

BOS: Hayward

UTA: Brooks, Sullinger, Nets 2014 1st round pick, (maybe Bogans to make the $$ work)

Or (less likely but more lucrative) what if we could make a mega deal to get either Favors or Kanter. Both are likely untouchable, but analysts thought the same thing about Garnett before 2007.

(lets assume that you can package picks like this. If not, then assume it happens as two separate trades)

BOS: Hayward, Favors

UTA: Brooks, Sullinger, Olynyk, Celtics 2014 1st round pick, Nets 2014 1st pick, Nets 2016 pick maybe even Nets 2018 pick which is probably the most valuable of the lot.

So multi first round picks and young talent for two blue chippers. Probably not happening, but Favors and Hayward together could be enough to make us a contender in the East for years since Favors and Hayward are both 23 years old.

Celtics Roster:

PG: Rondo, Pressey, Crawford

SG: Bradley, Hayward, Crawford

SF: Green, Hayward, Wallace

PF: Bass, Green, Humphries

C: Favors, Faverani, Humphries

Lineups could shift around, but we could certainly go small at the end of games with Rondo, Bradley, Hayward, Green and Favors. Thats five guys who can take it to the hoop, stretch the floor and defend.

I leave you with this:

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