Cs play the Magic (at home), second time in four days,
Gotta play great D, and stay with aggressive plays.
Still enjoying the high of our win over the Heat,
Can't let down--Magic's a team we SHOULD beat!

Remember when Paul Pierce for the last play would call?
Well, Green won't ask, just have to get him the ball!
Magic started out hot. AB's happiest at the Two,
SKILLS! AB steal, Crawford assist, Green for the hoop--phew!

Wallace first off the bench, our 6th Man so proud--
OLYNYK FOR THREE--love the roar of the crowd!
Two early fouls on Olynyk, Maxiell teaching him tonight.
Sully enjoying his minutes, his baby hook looks just right.

Best percentage in the NBA since 2007, every year:
Green winning/tying last 5 seconds--HE was surprised to hear!
Ten different Cs players--68% shooting--getting it done,
Cs up 6 at the end of Q1.

Every game: we are witnessing, quietly and with class,
The development and contribution of Brandon Bass.
Crawford is a find!! He's playing great at point guard,
Pass, shoot, assist, run, talk--he's working so hard!

A cool and calm personality these Cs did poach,
Like in college, not the pros, they get it from their Coach!
(Rondo on the bench, he dresses so fine),
On 62% shooting, Cs end the half up 9.

AB stemmed the brief Magic tide, made shots, great D,
Wallace and AB together--so much fun to see!
AB's abusing Nelson at both ends of the floor.
Wallace to Bass! ALL these Cs can score!

Pressey motors up the floor, to OLYNYK FOR THREE,
On unselfish play (repeat rhyme), LEE FOR THREE!
Cs up 13 to start Q4,
Vitor, Wallace--Big Guys--running the floor!

Our enthusiastic 6th Man, Wallace, playing great D,
First time in his career--PRESSEY FOR THREE!
All 5 Cs starters--plus--double-figure scoring,
At both ends of the floor these Cs are not boring!

Every C that has played has made at least one hoop,
That unselfishness is the hallmark of this Cs group!
Mid-Q4 the Cs seemed to slow down the pace,
I think that was an unhappy look we saw on Brad's face!

A sweet sentiment for an NBA player aiming to survive:
To stay humble--where he was drafted--Moore wears 55.
Just for kicks a Crawford pass we did see,
To that happy corner: GREEN FOR THREE!

At the end of the game Cs still hustling on the floor,
Cs WIN! 120-105 the final score.
As unlikely as it might seem,
WE Cs are now a 500 team!

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