[HOPE? Nope....]

Playing again at home, it's the Bobcats tonight;
A year from now, call them the Hornets, you'll be right!
Sullinger, with a bruised knee, this game will miss,
Look for minutes from The Hump--Humphries--that's Kris.

Brad says Crawford is authentic, just loves the game.
Suddenly a masterful Point Guard, need more of the same!
Wallace, Our 6th Man, in a role he can now embrace,
His energy, hustle and wisdom lighting up this place.

Bobcats now have Big Al, ankle's better, he can score,
Tho he's still lacking D, other end of the floor.
Cs have to adjust--Cats inside outside play,
Green hard to the hoop in his athletic way!

Cats came out strong, Big Al is still...big,
He feels weird in Boston, his first NBA gig.
Tolliver is a problem, he can shoot that three,
Wallace was a Cat, Henderson's Dad was a C.

Energy off the bench! WALLACE FOR THREE!
At the Q1 buzzer--hooray--LEE FOR THREE!
36% shooting, Cs within 6 end Q1,
Cs perimeter shooting (huh?) not getting it done!

Cats among the best defending in the paint,
Easy tonight--in there the Cs ain't.
Napoli's in the building (keeping his beard clean).
He's an inspiration (worst to first) for Jeff Green.

BRADLEY FOR THREE! Green hard to the hoop,
GREEN FOR THREE, Crawford PG-ing this group.
Zeller broke hearts, chose Indiana not Butler/Brad,
Cs within 8 after the tough half (36%) they had.

Cats set the pace, no mas said Brad,
Back to the energy we've recently had!
Tough night for Bass, 4th foul early Q3,
Huge discrepancy in calls (ugh) like we so often see.

Gotta love Crawford, bodies flying everywhere,
Needs to take more shots and stop trying to share.
VITOR FOR THREE, plus a shout out loud,
Finally energy in the building--from the Cs and the crowd!

Cs amped up the rebounding. LEE FOR THREE!
Cs made a run, then slid, within 7 end Q3.
5th foul on AB, early Q4,
WALLACE FOR THREE! Bass finally could score!

"Don't ask for anything, take it!" in the huddle said Brad,
Wish over some of the terrible calls he would at least look mad!
Bass great rebounding in this Q4,
Crawford--knees and elbows--somehow he can score!

Loose balls have found Cats, hardly ever a C,
Cs a poor outing, but as aggressive as can be!
Cs struggled, never led, from the very start,
Have to admire their Celtics Heart!

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