Through the first couple weeks the Celtics have shown they are a pretty talented team, even without the their Quarterback Rajon Rondo setting up the offense. I believe if they had one more all-star caliber player they could really make a push for the finals, especially once Rondo comes back off injury hopefully a 100% and ready to pick up where he left off. But I do not think Danny will be able to swing that this year before the trade deadline. I expect Danny to do something real safe or maybe not even make any moves before the deadline.

With all the pieces we picked up through the departure of Doc, Pierce and KG we will most likely see Danny make a big splash on draft day with a loaded selection of very talented young prospects. Fortunately and also unfortunately we may not have as high of a pick as many NBA fans may have thought due to the surprising play of the Celtics within the first couple weeks. It is still very early in the season, but the current conference and division we play in may grant us more wins and decrease the chances of us landing in the lottery. So I have a feeling for Celtics fans there will be more buzz on trade opportunities then on the up in coming rookies for. The Celtics don't really need more young players that have a lot of room to grow because the current roster already has that and then some. What they need is Big Man, an Intimidator, someone that can bring what Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Garnett brought to the games. It is gonna be impossible to replace KG since there is so much he did on the Offense and mostly on the Defensive side of the floor. To me there is one current player that resembles Garnett's style of play. His name is Demarcus Cousins.

There are some flaws of this plan, sure. But like a recent post by one of our members wjsy pointed out Demarcus relationship with the kings is always rocky. And Demarcus would be such a perfect fit as a Celtic in a Rajon Rondo run Offense its hard not to wonder. Demarcus is eager to take shot and likes to take advantage of his strength in the paint. Rondo will be able to set Cousin in the best position and freeing him with his penetration. We saw such strategy work with former player Big Baby Davis. I remember it like it was yesterday, Rondo would be at the top of the key looking of a hole in the defense to take to the rim. Once he finds a lane he charges with urgency absorbing the opposing teams big men. Then, right before he can put a shot up he gives a bounce pass giving Glen Big Baby Davis a wide open layup. Now if Rondo could have such success with a 290 pound 6'8 player like Davis, I can't wait to see what he can do with a beast like Demarcus.

With the current team we have now we certainly shows sparks of athleticism with Green, Bass, and Bradley, but we don't have the overpowering factor. Demarcus is a overpowerer, he consistently takes it to the other teams power forward and centers punishing them with every backing down dribble right before he embarrasses them with a monsterous dunk. He has made a name for himself with these kinda dunks. Recently he was interviewed in the summer league on the up incoming season. he said he is mostly trying to improve on the Defensive end. That is my favorite part of the development of Cousins. If he can become a legit defensive anchor that would put it over the top for me. He has the strength and the mentality to become just that. He is tough, mean, and can pack a punch. He is Celtic.

The Sacramento King Are currently 2-5 and one of the worst teams in the west right next to Utah Jazz. I visited their blog Sactown Royalty and found that they are very interested in getting players of the name Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins. The way they are playing right now they very well might get their wishes. But with another disappointing season probably ending the season last in their division the Kings management and Demarcus may be wanting change, or a fresh start somewhere new.

Why would they be interested in trading with the Celtics?

Celtics have a lot of players that would help the kings revolution of becoming competitive. But, one in particular might be most appealing. His name is Jared Sullinger. Jared's game can be compared to Cousins, except Jared does lacks the physical gifts that Cousins has put to good use. Jared has many strengths despite his size. For instance, he is a very advanced rebounder, has a good outside game, and has reliable post moves to go to. He also shows great leadership at such a young age and could play an important role in the locker rooms, practices and huddles. He gets the game and could be that coach on the floor for Mike Malone. He is young and has a lot of room to improve , however he plays like a veteran and could be a powerful influence on a young team possibly adding a future franchise player like Jabari or Wiggins.

Celtics also have not one but two 1st round picks. On top of Sullinger we could offer them one of these picks that might end up being in the middle or late in the lottery to give them even more pieces for the future especially in a very talented Draft selection.

I am currently trying to get some feed back on Sactown Royalty to find out whether Kings fans would be for this idea or completely against it.

What are your thoughts and ideas?

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