The Blazers travelled from Portland, they are 6 and 2,
These Cs won't play to their record--that's not what we do!
Sullinger's in tonight, better after his bruised knee,
Effort and Execution we need from each C!

"Consistency is the mark of a champion," so says Brad.
(Hope starting with our Defense being better than we had).
Green hard to the hoop--early--starting to cook,
The Blazers' Lopez is clearly not Brook.

Crawford (on Lillard) getting where he needs to go,
Two early fouls on Olynyk, his rookie-ness does show.
Green keeps forcing the issue, very hard on Batum,
Cs need to show life to light up this "room!"

An aside: Rockets Asik played 239 games in a row,
Til last night! He asked for a trade, they said sit out--no!
Bass is still struggling, cannot seem to find his shot.
Luckily Green and Crawford are active, Sully is hot!

Brad's huddle call?
Our shots will fall!
Cs went on an 8-2 run,
5 TOs, still within 2 end Q1.

More phantom fouls on Vitor and Pressey we did see.
Pressey sloppy turnovers, needs to take care of the ball.
Green's a one-man fastbreak, no plays Brad has to call.

Leading the NBA in points off turnovers is AB.
Feet flat on the floor, FAVERANI FOR THREE!
Blazers started making threes, Cs within 6 end Q2,
Cs need to defend the perimeter, go inside to score.

Green's athleticism is a thing of beauty to see,
Hustle play block, nice shots by Bass, early Q3!
Blazers' threes are falling, they don't look that hard,
Brad's solution: get out there and guard!

WALLACE FOR THREE! Our 6th Man plays hard D,
Blazers' Aldridge keeps scoring, seems unstoppable does he.
Blazers went on a run, Cs within 12 start Q4,
Career night for Sully, tonight's C who can score.

The calls seem ridiculous at our end of the floor,
But they don't explain the Cs' turnovers galore.
SULLINGER FOR THREE! Cs a little more D.

In a game where the Cs' play ('cept Sully) was not exciting,
We finally had a MarShon Brooks sighting.
Blazers so many weapons, of the Cs they got the best,
I think we should be grateful we don't play in the West.

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