Let the Faverani vs. Russell comparisons begin!

(This is meant to be humorous...0-2 needs a laugh or two and Vitor is getting it done.)

In the 1956-7 season Bill Russell..35 MPG 42.7FG% 49.2 FT% 19.6 RPG 14.7 PPG

As this is a mano a mano comparison between Russ and Vitor we will not bother with any of Russell's other seasons..(it would screw up my premise anyway)

Now to put Vitor's 63 minute and 47 second NBA career in it's best light, I will stick with his boffo night against the Bucks.

Faverani 37 MPG 44.4% FG% 66.7% FT% 18 RPG 6 Blocks/gm 12 PPG

Vitor has more minutes than Russell, it is obvious his coach has more confidence in his play.

Vitor's FG% is better than Bill's, I'm not surprised.

Faverani crushes Hall of famer Russell at the free throw line 66.7% to 49.2%.

Bill Russell barely edges the Brazilian in rebounds per game 19.6 to 18. I'm sure Vitor got hosed by the scorer last night.

Russell also scored more as a rookie than Vitor, but Russ actually had a point guard who some recognize as the greatest to ever play the game (Cousy). Vitor had Bradley passing to Gerald Wallace all the how the hell is that gonna go? Thus a handicap is in order here...I will rule PPG as a wash.

NBA stats from the 60's don't count Blocks for Russell, thus Vitor wins this category hands down.

My conclusion is fully supported by carefully managed stats and thinly veiled lies.

Vitor Faverani is the equal of Bill Russell.....and? Once we get his three pointer underway? Who knows where this will go.

Celtics fans? Vitor Faverani has 963 starts and 11 NBA titles to go before we can officially crown him, I refuse to wait.

(humor portion of this post is OVER)

William Felton Russell was, in my opinion, the greatest to ever play the game.

He averaged 24.9 rebounds per game in the playoffs and the rest is history.

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