Gerald Wallace: "(expletives deleted)"

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Hey, I'm trying to run a family friendly site here!

Seems like a good time to remind everyone that here at CelticsBlog we like to try to run a family friendly site.  That means (in part) no cursing.  Yes, even the minor ones.  This has always been our policy and even if you think it is silly, please try to be respectful of the rules.

Which brings us to, ...Gerald Wallace's comments (and you knew they were coming).  You can find his exact quotes elsewhere, but I'm just going to use the bleep button liberally.  As it is, I had a lot of practice with this during Kevin Garnett's reign.

Gerald Wallace doesn't know what the (expletive) happened |

"I don't know what the [expletive] (the loss) was, just to be honest with you," he said. "I don't really know what was going on. It just seemed like we got in one zone, and it was all offensively. Things weren't going right for us offensively and it affected us in transition defense, our half-court defense and just mentally out there on the court."

"It was bad because you see it and you want to help, and you try to tell the guys what’s going on in the situation," he said. "I think it’s just the fact that they’re not getting it. You look up at the scoreboard and you’re getting your butts kicked every night. And these are pretty good teams that take advantage of that situation. We’ve got to understand, this is a long season. We’re only (12 games) into the season. We’ve got about 60 more of these. If you’re going to look up and you’re down 30 or you’re giving up 40 points in the first quarter for the next 60 games, that’s going to be a long season. [expletive]."

Yeah, I don't have much to add to that.  That game was just abysmal from start to finish.  It is never wise to overreact to one game, but it is hard not to get down on a team that stands at 4-8 with a 4 game losing streak and has the Spurs and Pacers up next.

Who needs to tank when you can just be bad to begin with?

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