New Tires

When I suffer a blowout, I get a new tire. When the Celtics suffer a blowout I think of how to re-tread the team. Here are some ideas to spur some conversation.

Trade 1:

Charlotte Bobcats get: Jeff Green and Courtney Lee

Boston Celtics get: Ben Gordon and a 2014 first round pick.

Why Charlotte does it: Charlotte has a 2014 first round draft pick from Portland
(protected for selections 1-12) and a 2014 first round draft pick from Detroit (protected for selections 1-8). They do owe Chicago their own pick, barring it isn’t a top 10 pick, but they should have two first round picks for next year’s draft. This should make them willing to part with one of them in order to acquire Green and Lee, two players that could make Charlotte a legitimate playoff team. It’s playoffs or bust for Charlotte this year.

Why Boston does it: Obviously the Celtics are playing for the future. Ben Gordon’s 13.2 million dollar contract comes off the books at the end of the season. This allows Danny Ainge more flexibility for building next year’s team. The 2014 first-round pick speaks for itself. In regard to Green and Lee, both players can help a competitive team, but neither player looks to be something you can build around for the future.

Trade 2:

Atlanta Hawks get: Gerald Wallace and Jamaal Franklin

Memphis Grizzlies get: Lou Williams and Jared Cunningham

Boston Celtics get: Tayshaun Prince and Dennis Schroeder

Why Atlanta does it: The Hawks are scoring the ball well this year but not defending so well. With Brooklyn and New York taking early nosedives, the Hawks could be in the driver’s seat to secure the fourth spot in the east if they can get better on the defensive end. Gerald Wallace is the perfect fit for them and they just might be willing to move some expendable pieces to get him.

Why Memphis does it: The Grizzlies need more outside shooting. Essentially flipping Tayshaun Prince for Lou Williams is a win for the Grizzlies.

Why Boston does it: The Celtics wave goodbye to Wallace and his 3-year, 30-million dollar contract. Receiving Schroeder is icing on the cake.

Trade 3:

Sacramento Kings get: Omer Asik, MarShon Brooks and a 2014 & 2016 first-round pick from Houston and a future second-round pick from Boston

Houston Rockets get: Demarcus Cousins, Brandon Bass and Jimmer Fredette

Boston Celtics get: Jeremy Lin and Chandler Parsons

Why Sacramento does it: The Kings are quickly learning that they do not have a playoff caliber team and their focus should be getting as many ping pong balls as possible. If Sacramento values Asik they should be willing to move Cousins for future assets.

Why Houston does it: A starting five of Beverley, Harden, Bass, Cousins and Howard sounds like a legitimate championship contender. Houston shouldn’t care about picks at this point and losing Asik and Parsons would be worth it to acquire Cousins.

Why Boston does it: Flipping Brandon Bass’ contract for Jeremy Lin’s doesn’t seem that attractive of a proposition, but when you add in cheap, young talent like Chandler Parsons, the deal is a no-brainer.

Trade 4: (Trade machine unable to execute due to December 15th restriction)

Golden State Warriors get: Jordan Crawford

Boston Celtics get: Jermaine O’Neal and a 2014 second-round pick

Why Golden State does it: Bench depth could be what helps Golden State advance in the playoffs this year. Jordan Crawford is an upgrade over O’Neal in that area, especially now that he has proven his ball-handling ability.

Why Boston does it: This trade will allow Ainge to balance out the roster, but more importantly, taking O’Neal off of a contender is a wonderful way for Danny to stick it to a guy that made him look bad. (Have fun watching Olynyk and Faverani eat up all your minutes, Jermaine. This is for 2010-11 and 2011-12)

This would leave the Celtics with a roster that looks like this:

2013-14 (70.9 M)

PG: Rondo (12 M), Lin (8.4 M), Schroeder (1.6 M), Pressey (.5 M-expiring)

SG: Bradley (2.5), Gordon (13.2 M-expiring), Bogans (5 M-expiring)

SF: Parsons (1 M), Prince (7.3 M)

PF: Sullinger (1.4 M), Humphries (12 M-expiring)

C: Olynyk (2 M), Faverani (2 M-expiring), O’Neal (2 M-expiring)

More importantly, it would leave the Celtics with a roster that looks like this after the season:

2014-15 (35.3 M)

PG: Rondo (13 M), Lin (8.4 M), Schroeder (1.7 M)


SF: Parsons (1 M), Prince (7.7 M)

PF: Sullinger (1.4 M), Olynyk (2.1 M)


Danny would then have the flexibility to sign new players, or to re-sign familiar faces (Bradley, Faverani), and the 2013-14 roster should be poor enough to net a top-5 pick in the 2014 draft. Add in the pick form Charlotte and the pick from Brooklyn and now you’re getting somewhere.

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