Really Big Trade Who Would adjust lots Of teams

BOSTON Deal: Rondo GREEN Lee Wallace humphries bass brook

Boston receives:Rose Snell Stoudmire hardaway jr

Chicago Deal:Rose snell

Chicago receives :rondo Green

NEW York Deal: Stoudmire shumpert hardaway jr t.chandler

New York receives: Lee Humphries Hawes Asik

76ers Deal: Hawes Young

76ers receives: Wallace shumpert books t.jones butler udoh

Houston Deal: Asik t.jones lin

Houston receives: Bass Anderson

Pelicans Deal: Anderson Gordon

Pelicans Receives: t.chandler young o.j. Mayo

Bucks Deal : Knight Udoh Butler Mayo

Bucks receives: Lin Gordon


BOSTON: They Deal away the Lee and Wallace bad contracts, prepairing themselves to nave cap space in summer Of 2015 when they Would be' reader to insert a marquee free agent in the team. Rondo and Green aren't subitable cause Of age matter and the Would Bring back a high reward bet like Rose and young pieces like Hardaway and Snell Who can be' pretty nice on the wing

CHICAGO: Dealing Rose wouldn't be' any easy but he Would Bring back another élite PG who would perfectly suit chicago's needs (They Would nave to wait & hope for rose another year) Moreover They Would Bring Home Green Who gibus Them a unbelievable depth for that season and is a great insurance in case Deng slip away in free agency, giving chicago the possibility to care about dumping boozer and Bring Mirotic finally in the roster.

NEW YORK: STAT Would be out and They Would Bring in 3 great big mans and Lee to replace Shumpert and let Smith start. Chandler would be' a löss, but Asik and Hawes replace him pretty nicely gioven How young They are. Humphries ending contract Would give Them cap space usefull to resign melo.

76ers: They're playin too Good and oddly that's bad news for Them. Noel is the center Of the future and Hawes will be' Dealt anyway and Young is on trade block, Just as every other decent 76er. They Would receive some picks(i dind't write Them because i didn't know the situation Of all teams. The best thing for Them Would be' to bet young plagerà like Shumpert and Jones while the others are just 2 ending contracts and Wallace Who can be' a nice tutor for the youngsters.

Houston: They Would get a real PF and another usefull one. Dealing Lin and Anderson gives Them cap space to resign Chandler in summer (way more important to the team that Lin).

Pelicans: Chandler gives Davis the possibility Of playin the PF and Young and Mayo gives Them depth and more favore le contracts. Gordon isn't abig löss , he had injury problems and Mayo is a way more solid precence.

Bucks: This season is over. Tanking gas come on his own and Bucks should take advantage Of it: They get back a great backcourt and renounce to Vets Who don't Bring anytinh for This year.

There are some taping mistakes but are due to my iPad.

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