Coach Heinsohn's '69-'70 team started 0 and 4,
(no jinx) So no reason to show Coach Stevens the door.
AB, Wallace, Faverani, Bass and Green,
It's a starting line-up before we have seen.

Cs led off with the first hoop--good sign for AB,
Then Jeff Green showing how athletic is he.
Please! No more outside shots from our Celtics group,
We must be aggressive and go hard to the hoop.

Crawford first off the bench, two early fouls on AB.
Quiet, skilled and deliberate, Bass is always the same.
An aside: this is Green's 400th career game.

Gotta love Crawford, he's all elbows and knees,
End Q1 within 3, after a 10-5 run, are the Cs.
We all groan, but then...SULLINGER FOR THREE!
Grizzlies--and their crowd--disrupted by Cs' good D.

Wallace aggressive, they call him "Crash" for a reason,
He wants to be the heart/voice of the Cs this season.
Cs shooting the ball well, playing great defense, too,
A composed Green busting out--Cs up 4 end Q2!

Grizzlies came out strong to start Q3,
Suddenly this Gasol broke through the Cs' D.
(Tony Allen looks like Eddie Murphy--just sayin',
Tho' he's not in green, always love his playin').

CRAWFORD FOR THREE! Oh, what fun--
Bad news: Wallace bruised knee, his night is done.
Green still busting out! SULLINGER FOR THREE!
Cs a 15-4 run, up 6 end Q3.

Cs running hard! COURTNEY LEE FOR THREE!
CRAWFORD FOR THREE! Inspired is he....
Griz Bayless is tough, mid Q4 he got hot,
Olynyk had good looks, just couldn't find his shot.

Bass extended leg, refs calling illegal screen;
Under a minute--no Q4 points for game's high scorer Green.
Excellent effort, moral victory, palavers galore,
Cs left everything they had on this floor.

Don't know about you--there's a deep pain in my heart,
These Cs (we!) have worked so hard...for this 0 and 4 start.

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