The statistical nightmare that is your Boston Celtics and what will fix it.

The Celtics lead the NBA in the following categories:

Most Turnovers.

Fewest FG attempts.

They are 28th in 3 pt attempts....obviously.

The clincher would be assists...30th in the league with 14 Per game...Golden State is number one @ 29 assists per game..

Of course all of this leads to 28th in the NBA in PPG. Ainge wasn't kidding when he said he was worried about the offense after the trade. What offense?

BTW the Celtics defense is fine with above average stats in a number of categories.

There is one problem with this year's Celtics and it is the refusal of management to play a point guard. I won't even mention Avery Bradley here. Look at the team's numbers above with AB at the point.

Rondo? Excuse me but, the Celtics have 30+ games to go before Rondo gets back can we have a point guard?

He will bring the turnovers down as he knows how to dribble and (Heavens!) pass to his own team mates.

He will increase the FG ATT's by passing to players whom are in position to shoot. (I know I'm talkin' crazy now).

Finally all of this "point guard behavior" will yield some assists which result in points.

There are point guards in the D league who could start for the Boston Celtics and kill these stats with one arm.

I have avoided Pressey because he is hurt. I have already started the "Pressey is too good, don't play him" conspiracy and it is starting to look like it's true.

"Bradley started at point last year, what's the big deal?"

Actually, there are two big deals and they play for the Nets now.

Crawford is a two and everyone knows it, including Crawford who has played 75 minutes this season and logged 11 assists. The back up point guard for the Boston Celtics has 11 assists in 75 minutes...I've seen Rondo get 11 assists on one freaking was amazing.

I have bought into the development year Kool aid. I was not warned about the "2013/14 Boston Celtics are going to forego point guards Kool aid." I just need more time to get over the shock.

Sigh....NCAA hoops start next week, right?

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