{RESULTS: Spoiler Alert! A WIN by the Cs!!
After a Q4 that made me weak in the knees}.

Tonight for the Cs let's avoid this remix:
Cs 0 and 5 FIRST franchise year, 1946.
Jazz in the Garden, Hayward is on their team,
Played for Brad at Butler, a childhood dream.

Crawford getting the start (Wallace has a bruised knee),
More passes to and plays for Green we should see.
CRAWFORD FOR THREE! to start the game,
As point guard will his shot-taking still be the same?

Jazz went on a 14-0 run,
2 fouls on Vitor halfway through Q1.
Finally Bass broke that scoring streak,
Open court for Green where he's at his peak!

Wallace phenomenal off the bench, still a hustler is he.
Cs were down 13, then went on a run,
Cs within 3 at the end of Q1.

Wallace the spark, Olynyk finding his way,
Cs a 38-12 run--this is how we should play!
Humphries in the game! He made his first shot.
GREEN FOR THREE from the Logo spot!

Sully scored just when the half was through,
Cs UP 16 at the end of Q2.
More shots, fewer turnovers, fast breaks, rebounding,
(Crowd's loud) More like Celtics Ball this is sounding!

Again we are witnessing, quietly and with class,
The development and contribution of Brandon Bass.
GREEN FOR THREE! AB finding his rhythm,
When he's playing two guard things go better with him.

Wallace confused about his role, but a Cs Fan
Respects, admires, the impact of our 6th man!
Chemistry, interior passing...LEE FOR THREE,
Olynyk's a great passer! Cs up 22 end Q3.

As has been the hallmark of every Q4,
Cs slow down the pace and have no one to score.
Jazz went on a 21-5 run,
Cs so much dribbling, getting nothing done!

Cs again in Q4 forgot to go to the hoop,
Jazz turnovers bailed out our Green Group.
Cs WIN! 97-87 final score,
We Fans are still sweating after this Q4!

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