Knicks in the Gahden, Olynyk off the bench tonight,
No Humphries, his (drained) knee is still not right.
Knicks don't have Chandler, Felton; Shumpert's ailing.
Crawford East player of the week--he is sailing!

KMart is back (ugh). Is Woodson on the hot seat?
Sully hard to the hoop, Bargnani he can beat!
Cs excellent ball movement, GREEN FOR THREE!
Love watching Bradley, great confidence has he.

Clock running down, running down for Courtney Lee,
Melo's out of the box--from early Q1,
Cs up 3 when the Q was done.

Good minutes for Pressey and Kelly O,
Great D by Wallace, it's a Cs Bench Show!
Cs a rebounding edge, no one on Sully at the hoop,
A 21-2 run by our Cs group.

Shades of the old Amar'e...wait, LEE FOR THREE!
Few shot attempts by JR Smith, very odd to see.
Knicks ended Q2 on a 13-3 run,
Cs (lost a big lead)--still up 6 at the end of Half One.

Cs doing that jump shot thing to start Q3,
Green coast to coast like we've been waiting to see!
Cs starters are struggling, Knicks took a Q3 lead,
Crawford's shot and aggressive offense Cs do need.

Ahead or behind, play each play, makes no diff,
Brad huddled ALL the guys, that was his riff.
Wallace was inspired, off the pick, to the hoop!
Kelly O great block, ignited the (quiet) fan group!

Knicks keep scoring--pick and pop, pick and pop,
Cs within 5 when Q3 did stop.
Cs walking the ball up, more dribbling we did see,

Neither Green nor Crawford has been able to score,
Cs are scrappy, working hard, as they run the floor!
KMart an ab muscle strain, he is out for the night,
18-5 Cs run, AB FOR THREE! This game's tight....

Green came up big, with seconds left in the game,
By 41 or 4, it's a win all the same!

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