Trade Season; What the Celtics Have to Offer



Is anyone on this roster safe?

With trade rumors beginning to heat up, I thought I'd take a look at the current Celtics roster and what it has to offer.

In the Conversation:

Rajon Rondo- We all know Rajon Rondo is a game changer, a 4 time All-Star, pure point guard, and team leader he's the type of player any GM would love to get their hands on. The problem here is the Celtics love Rondo, and are eager to see what he can do in this new system where he will be "The Man". We've heard some rumblings but nothing seems legitimate yet, for now it seems Rondo is safe wearing Celtics green.

Jeff Green- Another player who's been the topic of some trade rumors lately, Jeff Green makes an attractive target. An athletic wing player with the ability to be the feature of the offense (although maybe not all the time), defend his position, and the deep ball (especially from the corner) is something almost every team could use, but the Celtics aren't exactly itching to dump Green for nothing. The rumor floating around the association is Jeff Green for Omer Asik, but I just don't see that happening. With Chandler Parsons and Terrence Jones, Green becomes repetitive on a Rockets team chalk full of wing players, Houston is after a true stretch 4, not a combo forward like Green.

Jordan Crawford- Thriving in his new role as a starting PG, Jordan Crawford is garnering some attention around the league. Coach Brad Stevens has also been high on Crawford, but there is some question as to what his role will be when Rondo returns. Stevens has said that the best teams he has coached have had two PG's on the floor at the end of games, but hey Avery Bradley is kind of a point guard too right? I'd love to see Jordan stick around for the Celtics, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was moved as long as Danny felt the deal was a good one.

Courtney Lee- After an up and down first season with the Celtics, Courtney Lee has settled into a nice groove this year. Stevens has used Lee as the first guard off the bench in recent games, and Lee has responded well with his stellar defense and offensive energy. What's different this year is that offensive energy is now translating into points, especially from long distance where Lee is one of the league leaders in 3 point percentage. Lee has two years and about 11 million left on his contract, which could be a dealbreaker for some teams, but there is no denying he is earning that money.

Brandon Bass- I've noted in a previous article just how valuable Brandon Bass is. Similar to Lee, Bass is a great two way player who could contribute to any team that needs a player of his caliber. Just like Crawford, I don't really see Bass going anywhere unless another GM makes Danny an offer he can not refuse, he's too valuable for this team right now.

Up for Grabs

Gerald Wallace- Crash is doing great things for the Celtics as he is really embracing his new 6th man role, but this relationship just was not meant to last. Wallace has a huge contract that the Celtics would prefer to move, especially if it gets them something good (young talent, draft picks) in return but you also have to think Gerald Wallace would rather be playing for a contender at this point in his career. There is no doubt Wallace is on the trading block, but will any team be willing to pick him up?

Kris Humphries- After starting the season out of the rotation (besides a few sporadic appearances) Kris Humphires is beginning to get some consistent minutes and is making the best of it. The problem here is that the Celtics would rather give those minutes to younger players (Sully, KO, and maybe even Faverani) so it seems Hump's time wearing Celtics green is limited. Humphries also has a big contract set to expire after this season which always makes for valuable trade bait.

Keith Bogans- Let's get this straight right now, no team is calling asking about Keith Bogans. That's no knock on the guy, he's still a solid defender, 3 point shooter (especially from the corner) and veteran leader, but the main reason he is on this team was to facilitate the Paul Pierce KG trade. I feel pretty confident saying he will not be a part of this team next season.

Safe and Sound

Jared Sullinger- Sully has been a monster this season, and no that's not a knock on his size. After missing the latter half of his rookie season due to back issues, Sully is back and he's better than ever. He rebounds (on offensive and defense), passes (just ask Kelly Olynyk), and scores (with range extending all the way out to the 3 point line) a triple threat that the Celtics love, especially in Brad Stevens' system. Sully is far too valuable for the Celtics to give up right now.

Kelly Olynyk- Kelly has shown a lot of promise so far in his rookie season, although he has been slowed down recently by an ankle injury. As he makes his return to action I look for more solid play from KO, he makes a great front court partner next to Sully as the two of them have high basketball IQ's and are willing to share the ball. I doubt any team is calling asking about KO, and if they are I'm sure the Celtics aren't too interested.

Avery Bradley- I could be wrong about this one, but I don't see Avery Bradley going anywhere, at least not this season. We've already seen how effective Bradley can be playing alongside Rondo, and just in case you forgot theres this...

Rajon Rondo & Avery Bradley - The Future (via zero1two3four5six)

but Bradley has impressed me even further this season with his consistent defense (he's one of, if not the best, guard defender in the league) and his expanding offensive game. Bradley is safe for now.

Oh yeah, those guys.....

MarShon Brooks- MarShon isn't getting much run for the C's right now, but that doesn't mean a team who is looking for an instant offense type of player couldn't come knocking. I just don't see it happening, if anything Brooks could be a throw in on a trade to make salaries work.

Phil Pressey- I've already expressed how Phil Pressey is making a name for himself, but when Rondo comes back does that make Pressey expendable? I think he makes a nice PG prospect for the Celtics and I'd like to see him stick around, but similar to Brooks he could be thrown into a trade to make it work.

Vitor Faverani- After starting the season off hot, Vitor has cooled down a bit while receiving less consistent minutes. But the big man is embracing his role, saying it's a learning experience (love hearing that from a rookie). I like "El Hombre Indestructible" as a rim protector and I believe he has a chance to make a big impact for this team, so I don't see him going anywhere soon.

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