Boston Celtics Video: Courtney Lee On Trade Rumors: 'I've Become A Pro At It'

Courtney Lee might not be in green much longer. - Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Courtney Lee may only be a Celtic for a few hours longer. For now, he's blocking out all the speculation and continuing to play ball.

Celtics fans were on edge all day today, eagerly awaiting word on whether the C's would finalize a deal with the Houston Rockets for center Omer Asik. Would Courtney Lee, Brandon Bass and a pick be enough to finish the deal? All of Boston spent the day refreshing their Twitter accounts to find out.

Turns out, Lee was right there with them.

"I only know what y'all know, guys," Lee said when asked to address the media before tonight's game. "I only know what y'all know."

Lee is no stranger to being caught up in trade rumors, so he knows how to handle the ordeal. Still only 28 years old, Lee has already been traded three times in his career, and he may be on the verge of a fourth. The shooting guard was swapped from Orlando to New Jersey on draft day 2009, then from New Jersey to Houston the following summer. The Rockets shipped him to Boston in July 2012; there's now a chance he's sent right back to Houston.

For now, though, Lee is still a Celtic. His job is to suit up and play against the Detroit Pistons tonight.

"It's part of being professional," Lee said. "I showed up today preparing for Detroit, and I want to go out there and get a win. That's my mindset.

"It's very easy," he said of playing through trade rumors. "I've become a pro at it. You get used to it after a while, and you go and do your job. Again, it's part of being a professional - I get paid to play basketball, so I just have to show up and have the same mentality, whether I'm here or somewhere else."

For all the moves he's made in his career, this could be a new one - the first time he's been dealt midseason. It's a strange dynamic for Lee, being in the Celtics locker room while everyone knows he might be gone within 24 hours. But he maintains that no one's ever told him anything official yet, and he doesn't expect they will until a deal is 100 percent final.

For now, he's just got to play through it. While he might want to stay in Boston, it's beyond Lee's control at this point.

"You always want to stay put," Lee said. "But this is the NBA. Some people live on the move; others stay put. Whatever happens, happens."

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