Dear Danny Claus

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Danny Claus,

Christmas is almost here and I know it’s really last minute to mail in my Christmas wish list, but here it is anyway. I’ve been a good fan this year, purchasing merchandise and tickets to games. I’ve wasted work hours looking at stats and reading blogs. Though the other guys tell me I’m foolish, I still believe in you Danny Claus. I know you won’t let me down. So I hope you can look into your magical Christmas bag and find something for me this year. Here are my Christmas wishes.

A real Center with shot-blocking action and kung-fu grip.

Honestly, I don’t even need the kung-fu grip. All the guy really needs to be able to do is play starter minutes at the Center position. I’m really tired of watching Jared Sullinger get run off the floor by the likes of Roy Hibbert and other legit big men. Sully is great, and I don’t want his development stunted by having to play out of position. He needs to be playing the four. If development is our goal, then it kinda makes sense, right?

Find a home for our lost puppies, Brandon Bass and Courtney Lee.

These guys deserve a good home; someone who will really take care of them. I know they’re a little old and that some other teams think they take more than their share of scraps from the table, but they’ve got a lot of upside too. Bass is a great shooter and a much-improved defender, and Courtney Lee has really shown good efficiency in limited minutes. Please find these guys a home Danny. It’s time to let them go.

Please don’t trade our first-round picks for someone who isn’t all-star caliber.

Seriously, Omer Asik is a nice player and I wouldn’t mind having him on the team, (see number 1) but first-rounders are gold. If it’ll take a first-rounder to land a big man, then go real big and put together a nice package for someone like Joakim Noah. I’d rather lose two first-rounders for Noah, than one first-rounder for Asik. Just don’t trade gold for silver, that’s all I’m saying.

Make Kelly Olynyk get a haircut.

That thing on his head is killing me!

Don’t trade Rajon Rondo

Trading Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett was a real kick in the junk. I know it was a "good move" and people with brains really liked the move. I get it that it was the right thing to do and we’ll be better off for it. I’m not really even trying to argue against it. But still… it was a kick in the junk. I can’t deal with another one of those this year. Let us keep Rondo. We know he can play at a championship level. Just keep the guy.

Thanks Danny Claus. Here’s hoping you have a Merry Christmas and all Celtics fans out there have a great Holiday Season.

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