Cavs vs. Celtics Running Diary.

Andrew Bynum was suspended by the Cleveland and didn't make the trip to Boston. Anderson Varejao will start at center.

I can't wait to see Anthony Bennett. I called him going #1 in June, and have been shocked at how bad he's been in the NBA.

Comcast Sportsnet just showed some great B-roll of the Celtics hanging out with some children at a hospital. One kid lectured Jeff Green on dunking more, and being better at 3-pointers. Brad Stevens in the background says, " That was good, I like that."


Irving is 2-2 thus far with 5 points. Jeff Green just drove to the hoop instead of taking a 3. Got fouled by Varejao and made his foul shots. The Celtics need to get Varejao in foul trouble. Sullinger is 0-1 from 3 to start the day.

The Varejao, Thompson, Clark front-court combination is interesting. Green just missed a three.

Green hits a three. 15-14 Boston 4:49 1Q

Green hits another three. Both of his makes from deep have been assisted by Bass. Dion Waiters just went strong to the hoop and missed the lay-up. He could be very good if he continues to go to the hoop. Bradley just tied up Irving and forced a jump-ball. Bradley steals the tip out of Irving's hands and gets a jumper over Waiters on the other end.

Kelly Olynk and Tyler Zeller are guarding each other in the post right now.

Irving sneaks to the bench after a turnover to get a little rest. Bradley and Irving are going to be fun to watch today.

24-22 Boston End of 1Q

Phil Pressey Time! Bradley and Irving both begin the quarter on the bench. Bennett misses a jump-shot. Wallace finds Sullinger on the fast break. I can't wait to see him on the floor with Rondo.

28-22 10:15 2Q

Olynk gets an assist on a nice pass to Wallace, and then grabs Wallace's missed free-throw. Sullinger ends up getting a lay-up off of it. Three minutes later, he gets called for traveling trying to draw contact. Pressey bricks a three the next possession, Lee gets the offensive board, and Sullinger gets a lay-up. He's so efficient down low. Pressey has played capable defense on Jarrett Jack, a noted slasher/ mid-range guy. His size hurts him though. Varejao literally ate him on a screen, he fought through it, and put up a good effort on mid-range make by Jack.

40-32 5:30 2Q

Courtney Lee has 10 points in 10 minutes. Earl Clark has hit three 3-pointers. He leads Cleveland with 12 points. How Mike D'Antoni didn't use him well a year ago in Los Angeles is a mystery to me. He's Channing Frye 2.0.

Bradley and Irving are both back in. Green misses a deep 3, then plays some great/lucky catch up D on a Clark drive to the rim.

Irving makes a mid-range J. Crawford was on him.

Green gets fouled by Thompson on a drive. The ball bounces 7 times on the rim before going to in, Heinsohn narrated the entire thing. He can count sober. Green has 15 points.

After complaining to the officials the entire half, Humphries was mysteriously not fouled by Zeller to end the half. The pass from Bass was truly wonderful though. He's finally started to realize what his name rhymes with, as have I. A brief poem: I give sass to Bass when he doesn't pass. Alas! When he does pass I like him as much as a cow does grass. He does work on the glass.

59-44 Halftime

Halftime thoughts. Jordan's Furniture, Bob's Furniture, and Cardi's ad-buys. It's fascinating seeing their competition. Definitely worth a later post.

71-53 Boston 6:34 3Q. I missed a lot of time getting some Mountain Dew. My most recent addiction.

Bass hits Humphries for a mid-range jumper. 4th assist for Bass. Humphries is going to benefit from Rondo too.

Heinsohn and Gorman compare degrees of hustle to the sandwiches guys bring in their lunch-pails. Brandon Bass has a B.L.T. today, they think.

77-59 Boston 2:52 3Q

Olynk gets a steal. Humphries dribbles the ball off of himself and out of bounds. Even without Bynum, Cleveland has capable bigs in Varejao, Zeller, Thompson, and Clark as a stretch-4. Waiters, Jack, and Irving are a great back-court combo as well. How are they 10-18? Olynk gets his own free-throw miss, gets excited, and the ball goes out of bounds. He's going to be effective, someday. Somewhere in there, Heinsohn has some surprisingly cogent words about the improvements Olynk needs to make. I forgot he used to coach and that he won a couple of titles.

85-66 Boston End of 3rd Q.

Kyrie Irving just made Pressey look like a schlub on a crossover. Lead is down to 13. Courtney Lee being out of control is getting less and less palatable. Olynk just missed two free throws after being fouled by Olynk. Bennett gets fouled by Olynk. I checked, they didn't play in Bennett's lone season in college.

86-74 Boston 8:51 4Q

Bennett makes one free-throw.

Why is Avery Bradley so good at shooting? Bennett follows up a Waiters miss. Not a bad showing here this afternoon with 5 points. As soon as I type that, he turns the ball over. Pressey runs the break, Lee misses a lay-up. Bradley follow.

Kyrie hits a three. Uh-oh. Hits another with Bradley hanging on him like tight jeans on J. Lo. Bradley dunks a Sullinger miss home.

Bennett gets a Waiters missed free-throw over Bass. Gets it Waiters and he hits a jumper.

94-86 Boston 5:48 4Q

Irving has a quiet 28 points. Waiters, Irving, Jack, Bennett, Zeller lineup for Cleveland right now. Irving lay-up

Crawford bails out a possession filled with a bumbling Brandon Bass with a great pass to a cutting Humphries in the post. He gets fouled by Zeller. Makes them both.

Green makes two free-throws. He now has four second-half points.

Crawford tries some "showtime" and throws the ball into the seats on the fast-break. Next possession he throws up a contested floater and misses. He's on crack.

Jack has hit threes back-to-back possessions.

98-94 2:36 4Q

Crawford forces Irving to miss a mid-range jumper. Bradley grabs the board. Defensive goal-tending called after Bradley awkwardly misses dunking on his own hoop. Gets reviewed. Mike & Tommy say off-the-rim forty times. Call stands. Heinsohn: "What a terrible call!" Repeats it three times, louder each time. Gorman: "He heard you."

Sullinger misses a three. Bass hits the glass. Gets fouled.

102-98 42.3 4Q Waiters makes it 102-100 with two free-throws.

Sullinger misses a three. Cleveland ball with 19.3 to go.

BASS BLOCKS WAITERS! Bradley inexplicably consents to get fouled instead of passing the ball to the two open Celtics under the hoop. Misses first, makes second. 103-100 1 second to go. I think a lay-up would've added another point.

103-100 Boston Final

Bradley had a phenomenal game. He finished with 18 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals. He's not a point guard, but he's a going to be a great compliment to Rondo at shooting guard.

Cavaliers are now 10-19. Are they tanking again? Watch them get a top-3 pick this year too, Anthony Bennett becomes great all of a sudden in 14-15, and Lebron signs their after the Heat fall apart this season. Dan Gilbert is a sketchy man.

Irving finished with 32 points and somehow didn't take either of the Cavaliers crunch-time shots. Every time I think Mike Brown is a good coach, he does something like that. Bass was exceptional, with 16 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, and that great game-saving block.

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