No All-Stars on the Nuggets, been winning with team play,
Cs have (All-)Stars, some fallen, playing the same way.
Two days off for the Cs, you'd think that would be good,
Doc would have practiced last night if only they could!

Those beautiful words, "Paul Pierce for Three! For Three!
Lots of running the floor from the Nuggets we'll see.
Cs started out firing, steals and a 12-0 run,
Then the Nuggets had their 9-0 scoring Q1.

Across the middle, wide open, on a Captain P pass,
Score!--Seeing the versatility of Brandon Bass.
It's Bench vs. Bench determining this game tonight,
JET, Green, Barbosa, Wilcox, Lee playing right.

Cs up 10 to start Q2,
Nuggets running like maniacs, that's what they do!
Incredible athleticism, Number Eight Jeff Green,
He can play D, not just a scoring machine!

Halfway through Q2 what did we see?
KG playing, rebounding, "talking" like...KG!
Finally the thawed out crowd started to cheer,
KG blocked a shot and yelled, "Get that s... outta here!"

There was limping, did something happen to Lee?
(The Truth 3 threes) Cs up 4 to start Q3.
The Truth For Three (4th)!! KG a great block,
Faried threw himself to the ground, foul on Cs, angry Doc.

Pierce tweeted a snow pic, in his jammies, Garanimal?
The only way to rhyme how amazing is "Manimal."
Q3 Captain P to KG--alley-oop,
Less sloppy play than Q2 by the Cs group.

Fun to watch is the ball movement by the Cs,
When they play good D, they can score with ease.
Nuggets' Lawson got hot, hadn't seen him yet,
He was answered by a scoring Barbosa and JET.

Nuggets made a run toward the end of Q3,
A chance to quote Barkley, "Javale McGee!"
Cs up 8 to start Q4,
Tie! More than 2 minutes in, Cs didn't score.

Nuggets flying, Cs were outrebounded but hung tough,
KG, AB, JET (season high) kept running their stuff.
A scary sight on the bench is a struggling Jeff Green,
Nuggets by one, the first lead they've seen.

Tech on Faried, JET for the tie,
Green back in, for two! What a guy!
PP called for a foul (iffy), Faried for two,
Missed both shots--rumble! Another review....

The call did not go the Celtics' way,
Nuggets' Lawson scored on their final play.
Easy to rhyme:

Tough shooting night for KG, but rebounds galore,
As soon as I mentioned it he tied the score!
1:30 left in OT, Nuggets by 3, largest lead,
Because of Lawson, Miller and "Manimal" Faried.

23.8 seconds left, Green for the tie!
Lawson stutter step, right to the hoop,
Nuggets outrunning our Cs group.

Nuggets' biggest lead,they are up by 4,
1:30 left, Jeff Green first to score!
Then with the Nuggets up by two,
An out of bounds call--another review!

This time the ball went Boston's way,
KG!!! After making so few shots today.
Gallinari came right back, Nuggets by two,
Triple double for Pierce, at the line for two!

First miss for PP, Nuggets scored--up 3,
(Keep rhyming these numbers) THE TRUTH FOR THREE!
THIRD OVERTIME--KG first to score,
Then you know what? He hit one more! Up 4.

Gallinari--Cs by 2,
Guess what? KG for 2!
Gallinari for 3, over KG.
KG hit in the nose after JET for three!

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