Is Rondo too unselfish or is it the other way around?

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

I know this could light the fire for some explosive conversations, but I think it has to be on the mind of anyone who has watched the change lately in the offensive scheme without Rajon.

First off, I want to say that my point is not to argue whether Rondo is an elite point guard or not. My intention is not to Rondo bash. Ever since I moved out on my own and could afford it, I have ordered NBA League Pass and watched 70-75 regular season games. One of the main reasons I spend so much time watching the C’s games is because I love to watch Rajon’s flashy playmaking ability and the incredible mind-blowing passes he pulls off on a nightly basis. I love Rondo, plain and simple and he is my second favorite player right behind Peirce. He is the lifeblood of our team and I think we go as far as he takes us. He is a very special player and plays the point guard position in a unique and refreshing way.

BUT, here are some observations I have noticed in the last 7 games without our all-star PG (disagree with me if you want, but this is how I see it)

1. Since we no longer have one guy doing a majority of the ballhandling we are doing it by committee, our offense has taken a turn and become more free-flow and pass-happy.

2. Due to the ball moving from side to side more often, players are finding themselves in different positions to score and they love it. It seems like some of the players feel free. Now that the reign and rule of Rondo is over, deep down in their hearts they are happy because they are getting more looks and opportunities to display their abilities.

3. As an opposing team, preparing to battle against the Celtics might have become more difficult. It seems like it would be a lot harder to decide who to focus on shutting down because the offense isn’t revolving around one person as a passer.

4.We have become more versatile because we aren't taking as many jumpshots. We seem to have been getting in the paint more often and having more chances at easier baskets. On any given night a different person could step up and be a force on the offense.

5. Our defensive presence on the 1 and 2 guards has stepped up. The Kobe mentality (laziness) of gambling on defense, trying to get in the passing lanes and getting consistently burned doesn't seem to be a problem with C-lee and AB. Overall the defense has stepped up and Bradley sets the tone.

With that being said, I have to ask a few questions.

Does Rondo’s unselfishness (A.K.A - obsession with the assists stat) help or hurt this team?

Does Rajon’s ball dominating style of play hinder the flow of the offense with the personnel we have?

I am just curious what the Celtics community thinks. Because ever since Rondo came into the league, I have always enjoyed watching him pass his way into the record books. I like counting how many he is getting throughout the course of a game. BUT Rondo's immaturity, domination of the ball mentality and the constant turning down of open layups is flat out getting annoying. I just have a bad feeling that Rondo is watching the way the Celtics are playing in his absence, but it isn't going to make the slightest difference in his game. Only time will tell, and I wish him a speedy recovery, he will be dearly missed in the playoffs but I hope he tweaks his game a little when he returns. I fully expect some haters and opposing viewpoints, I want to hear your side of the argument. Voice your opinion.

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