Ainge the nuclear option and Kobe Bryant...?!

This is a fan blog. We love our players.

Ainge is running a company.

Cap space and letting players "retire as Celtics" is not how the NBA collective bargaining system is best utilized.

The way a GM can build his roster is using contracts within the broad cap limit.

Pierce, Garnett and Rondo are our heroes and that is how we value them. To Ainge, these player's contracts are a commodity on the market and are best exploited in trades. Please go back and look at the Garnett and Ray Allen deals. It is about moving contracts.

At this moment the Fakers want an all star point guard worse than they want Howard. At this moment, Ainge wants a franchise big more than Rondo. Desperate teams make big deals and that is that.

Pierce, Garnett and their contracts have value to Ainge right now based on the desire of the trading partner. The Clippers with Garnett have a better shot at the title.

Be advised, if Bledsoe comes to Boston he will be the starting point guard. The Lakers are watching this Garnett deal closely.

At this moment in time, Pierce and Garnett are at peak value. As great veterans, they may help win a title for the team they are traded to AND their (expiring/retiring) contracts have value also.

Ainge likes Howard and I don't know why. Perhaps he assumes he is a mismatch with Miami that can change the balance.

Here is why this deal is being talked about. Kobe Bryant is the de facto coach for the Lakers. He has instructed management to get rid of Howard. This would mean nothing except for one thing...Ainge wants Howard and is offering Rondo. Since missing on Chris Paul, the Lakers have been sweating Rondo with Kobe as the main force in management pushing for him. Kobe wants Rondo in and Kobe wants Howard out. Combine this with Ainge's desire and this may not go away.

I find the current Celtic's team to be compelling and want to watch their run....does Ainge?

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