Nuggets nearly perfect at home, losses now and then,
Triple OT loss at the Garden, they don't want that again.
T. Williams a C for ten days, he'll bring some D,
Needs to be cleared by China before him we will see.

Through the air at the Pepsi Center it is hard to fly,
Because, in fact, it is a mile high.
Q1 KG and AB--great give and go,
Against the Nuggets the pace isn't slow.

With crafty play, good scoring AB and Lee,
Cs' rebounding presence Bass and KG!
Nuggets go right to the paint for their offense to start,
Of which Gallinari, Lawson, even Koufos, a part.

Andre Miller is the Nuggets' back-up at the point,
Cs up 1 end Q1--AB lit up this joint.
Early Q2 Nuggets took their first lead,
Because all over the court was Kenneth Faried.

Love these words, "Courtney Lee for Three."
Green to Wilcox, a thing of beauty to see!
Cs went on a 9-0 run,
JET for Three, then Miller got one.

Lead is back and forth, good shooting by the Cs,
Hard to breathe in Denver, nothing at which to sneeze!
Lee at the buzzer! Cs up 1 start Q3,
24 points first half between AB and Lee.

Cs playing two three zone to start Q3,
First score a three, then a two, by Captain P.
It is unusual that it is quiet in this place,
Tonight it's because the Cs dictated the pace.

Nuggets took the lead halfway through Q3,
Back to a tie on free throws from Captain P.
When Javale McGee comes in Nuggets fans boo.
They like lay-ups, not long jump shots he's wont to do.

Nuggets largest lead started on a Gallinari three,
Non-aggressive Cs too many turnovers, not enough offense--or D.
Cs down 8 to start Q4,
AB incredible block, hustled down the floor!

Green for Three! Cs within 1,
The disparity in free throws for the Cs not fun.
Crazy block by Green, playing incredible D,
4 fouls each Pierce, Green, AB and Lee.

Toughest Nugget on the court has to be Faried,
Somehow he's involved in every point of their lead.
Nuggets, at home, continue to be ballin',
For Captain P the shots just weren't fallin'.

Gallinari kneed AB--no foul!--he's on the ground,
Faried hit PP, call against the Cs?? Bad turnaround!
43 seconds left, Doc wanted a time out,
For three long seconds he had to shout!

JET was hit on the arm passing to KG,
Doc going nuts! Refs pretend not to see.
Cs fought hard but the Nuggets by 7 won the game,
The refs messed up, would the end have been the same?

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