"WHAT'S NEXT?" Josiah "Jed" Bartlet

It is the eve of trading day and the rumors are fierce,
From Fab Melo on the block to the iconic Captain Pierce.
Basketball is a game. To start this rhyme:
Thinking of the Lakers' Buss family at this difficult time.

Kobe spoke to the crowd, they showed Dr. B's empty seat,
All the Lakers believe tonight the Cs they must beat.
Early Q1 Lakers on a 14-3 run,
Lakers steals, Cs turnovers + the refs--no fun!

Dwightmare doing lots right--rebounds, even free throws,
Could he play better than Kobe tonight? Who knows!
KG at the buzzer! Cs down 9 end Q1,
Lakers 10 more free throws--refs getting it done.

Lakers got hot--mostly World Peace (silly name) and Blake,
But KG, Lee , Green, Pierce their shots they did take.
Beautiful words: JET for Three, Pierce for Three,
A lot of Pierce and Bass in Q2 we did see.

Nash must've taken a dip in the Fountain of Youth,
He and World Peace answered most shots made by The Truth.
Cs still down 9 at the end of Q2,
In the second half the Cs have some running to do!

Coaches at the half said Cs must show some fight,
And not allow the Lakers to have their way all night.
Nash great passes, even hard to the hoop,
Involving all the players in his Lakers group.

Lakers went on a 10-0 run,
Lately Q3 not the Q the Cs have won.
Cs struggling at the line (tho not often)--that's strange.
Only thing missing tonight in Captain P's range.

Jamison's hanging around, right time, right place,
Q3 Cs having trouble with the Lakers' pace.
In China he learned to be a pro, back in the NBA a thrill,
He "arrived" end Q3--talking about T. Will.

Kobe called for the "swim move," then a tech on him,
Scal just said pushing a guy off with your arm-a swim!
AB at the buzzer, Cs down 14 start Q4,
Green! Elevation! Jam! After running the floor!

Melo played--show him off, in trade talks still,
Who can pass, play D, needs team practice?--T. Will!
More crazy fouls, Doc yelling--what the heck!
Needless to say he got a tech.

Lakers beating the Cs in the paint with points,
Which each of these teams did in their respective joints.
From mid Q4 Lakers in control--an emotional win.
When it comes to the playoffs think both teams will be in.

Whether or not Ainge our icons to other teams does send,
Sad THIS Lakers-Celtics era may be coming to an end.

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