Get to know Jordan Crawford - Ask a Wizards blogger


I don't know much about Jordan Crawford, so Mike Prada of Bullets Forever was kind enough to answer YOUR questions about him.

I'll be honest, I don't know Jordan Crawford from Jordan Sparks. He's just never been on my radar, so I'm going to rely fully on other people's opinions of him.

In the comments section, Mike Prada of Bullets Forever is going to answer any question you have about Crawford.

If you need a starting point, here's some research I did tonight on him.

First, per Doc and Danny, he fills the important bench scoring role that Barbosa left vacant when he went down with an injury.

Crawford will get a taste of 'discipline, winning' with Celtics

"He's a scorer," Rivers said. "And losing Barbosa who was our scorer off the bench, we really felt we needed to replace that. We needed another guard in general. We're hoping he can do that. Obviously I'm hoping this is a fresh start for him. He's had his good days and his bad days. We want him to have a lot of good days."

He's even played some fill-in point guard in Washington - though not with a lot of success.

Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe on the Trade Deadline Part 2 - Grantland

He did make a real effort to pass more this season when the Wiz used him as a de facto point guard, but those lineups failed so miserably they almost broke the stats database. He's putting up a career-high assist rate, as you mention. He might win a playoff game — or, more accurately, a playoff quarter — but he's not a player I'd really want on my team for the long haul. Washington just gave him away for nothing after benching him almost upon Wall's return, which feels a bit spiteful on the Wizards' part. Very little harm, very little foul for Boston. But don't expect much.

There's that red flag of "why was he available for so cheap?" And it appears that his biggest problems are his defense and (apparently) his attitude. Here's what his former GM had to say about him.

Jordan Crawford trade: Ernie Grunfeld said Crawford wasn't in team's plans - Bullets Forever

"Jordan is not in our plans, current plans for the present or the future," Grunfeld said. "The team over the last 20 games has really started to come together. Our defense has been one of the top defenses in the league over that span. Our chemistry has been top-notch, and we wanted to make sure we could continue on that path."

Well, ok then. We'll just have to hope that the support structure of Doc, KG, and a chance at the playoffs will be enough to keep this guy flying straight and buying into the program.

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