Who could be on the Celtics radar??

So far, we've added 2 players to this roster. One of them only has a 10 day contract, while the other has the rest of the season. I feel like T-Will (Terrence Williams) can get a contract to finish off the season, if he plays his cards right. Do your job, take notes, and take advantage of the time you get on the court. Hopefully Jordan Crawford makes himself known in Celtic Green. We all know the fans will have his side if he produces what Doc and Ainge have seen in him.

The other position the Celtics clearly need help with is a Big Center or Forward. I haven't been able to find much out there or in the Free Agent list. Especially hearing Kenyon Martin signed a 10 day contract with the Knicks.Here are 3 players who could be on the Celtics radar, from fans and other sites who think it could happen too.


A 6'9" Power Forward that is ending with the Chinese League. He has some decent highlights that I've been able to see. It looks like he's aggressive when taking it to the hoop. He could be a cheap low risk/high reward for the C's. If he can get a 10 day contract and prove he can do some good coming off the bench (low minutes). He could be a missing piece like Williams for this team. He's young, (26), and probably looking for a second chance like the rest of the players recently signed. D.J. White Highlight


Another 6'9" Power Forward. This one was said by a fan in one of my other posts. I actually have no idea if he's available. It says hes with the Bobcats. But if he's available to be signed through a buyout of some sort, he could be a good player for the C's. I remember watching him in one of the slam dunk contests.. He's nice. He seems very aggressive and physical. Plus, he's not afraid to drive if he has to. Again, I don't know if he's available, but if he is, check out his highlight. Hakim Warrick Highlight


He's also a 6'9" Power Forward. Even though he doesn't have any highlights, from info I've read and videos I've seen. He looks like an extra Big that can be on the bench for extra depth. He's got skill, but not sure what his defense is like. It seems like he's looking for an opportunity to prove himself he can play with the best. Before the trade deadline, the Knicks and Lakers were looking into him. So he does have a talent in some categories. Maybe he can be on the Celtics radar.

I don't know about other players available, but if we can get 1 or 2 of these players. I think we we can still make something happen this season. We know the front office, KG, and Pierce want something for right now. They want to make that run and it seems like they want it Now. Maybe that's why Rondo was so emotional when he found out he couldn't play the rest of the season. He might miss out on his last run with KG and Pierce. But I could be wrong, maybe next year will be the last run with these core players. I just want depth for the BIG3 or BIG2. If there are other Big guys out there that I haven't mentioned, please feel free to comment.

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