Suns, US Airways Arena in the Valley of the Sun,
KG's missing this game--for rest--his first one.
Green will start--many fans this will please,
Doc refers to us tonight as "The Mini-Cs."

Home team wearing black, visiting Cs in white,
Crawford and T.Will--lots of new looks tonight.
Green hard to the hoop, got a smack in the head,
Suns have size--Coach Hunter went small instead.

Cs opened with a 13-0 run,
Green, going right at Scola, was having fun.
A Suns' trade yesterday made for a happy mother,
Got Marcus Morris who joins Markieff, his twin brother.

Cs running off Suns' turnovers, playing like a team,
Lee, Green, AB--all with heads of steam.
Captain P to Wilcox (loves running the court)--alley-oop,
Forgot about J. O'Neal (who dissed his old Cs group).

Suns went on an 8-0 run,
Green For Three! Cs up 8 end Q1.
Mark the moment in Q2: Crawford for Three--
On a pass from T. Will--first points as a C!

Breaking news we heard tonight,
Another 10-day from China--(big) D.J. White.
Q2 Cs' new guys played together, both showed skill,
Running and scoring for Crawford, great passes T. Will.

Cs running hard, JET playing great D,
Excellent defensive rebounding Courtney Lee.
Dragic and Gortat doing well together,
As the Suns do their best the Cs' runs to weather.

Bass played well--Cs up 12 start Q3,
Pinched neck nerve, but back in the game, Captain P.
A 9-0 Suns run, hard up the floor,
Stopped when AB and Lee (for three) did score.

This is the best version of him we have seen!
T. Will left-handed lay-up, Cs controlling the pace,
Every one of these Celtics lighting up this place!

JET For Three, Cs up 14 start Q4,
T. Will to the hoop, JO fell on the floor.
Crawford dunked, then with his floater showed touch,
T.Will and he will be loved by Cs fans very much.

JO was blocked! Then Crawford for Three!
Wilcox with a dunk! The Morris Twins we did see.
Stellar night for The Green, and for Green Number Eight
Doc encouraged Wilcox and tonight he played great!

Cs by 25, a long overdue fun night,
Maybe Ainge's trade decisions were exactly right!
Suns are not very good, Cs should've won it would seem,
Still it was so much fun to see them play as a Team!


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