In the Rose Garden tonight the Cs take on the Blazers,
957 miles from the Oscars' stargazers.
We'll see KG tonight, after last game he played hookie,
As well as Damian Liillard, The Blazers' hot rookie.

KG scored first, using most of the clock,
After PP called for a travel that infuriated Doc.
Fun to watch Bradley going coast to coast,
PP hard to the hoop, fouled in the low post.

So that is how the Cs opened with a 7-0 run,
Didn't last too long, the Blazers then went on one.
Blazers have Batum who doesn't get much mention,
Drew 2nd foul on Pierce (4 minutes), got the Cs' attention.

Doc got a tech, at the ref he was talking,
The ref kind of baited him--turned his back, kept walking.
Batum and Aldridge led the Blazers group,
Lee to Wilcox--alley-oop!

Blazers worked hard! Cs down 6 start Q2,
Cs need to calm down on offense to do what they do.
Doc went crazy after a wrong out of bounds call,
Then a hard charge was taken by a brave Captain Paul.

Cs moving the ball, but need that extra pass,
Moments of good tough play for Brandon Bass.
Cs got another guy from China--D.J. White,
Needs that letter of clearance, not playing tonight.

Beautiful (critical) words, "Courtney Lee for Three!"
Captain P with assists, and playing good D.
Blazers' Matthews has been trouble many times for the Cs,
First half tonight no different with all of his threes.

Cs good shots, just missed--down 7 start Q3,
First half as many turnovers as assists we did see.
Captain P For Three, Cs a 7-0 run,
Cs took the lead! AB's steal got it done!

The Truth is everywhere, took the Cs on his back,
To make up for the shots and ball movement they lack.
Tonight we're playing the Blazers, seems the refs, too,
Some calls are ridiculous, nothing Doc can do.

ATO (after time out) Doc called plays for Green,
Because so few baskets and free throws had he seen.
Blazers' Aldridge, Matthews and Batum did score,
Cs down 4 to start Q4.

Crawford and Williams together, they are quite a pair,
They don't know the Cs' system, but there's promise there.
Cs seemed to have a lot of ragged play,
Good D alone won't save the day.

Pierce to KG--alley-oop!!
Glad we kept 'em. Love this Cs group.
KG hard to the hoop, Cs make it a tie,
Lillard free to score, just don't know why.

Under a minute Matthews a step away three,
Cs a little disorganized with their D.
Cs couldn't get their final shots to go,
Blazers by 6--that's the end of this show.

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