CSNNE's Greg Dickerson joins Celtics Late Night Show tonight - On Demand

ON DEMAND - Brandon Paul, Matt Rury and Nick Gelso will be returning to the CLNS air-waves on Wednesday night. The guys will be welcoming old friend Greg Dickerson back into the "virtual studio."

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Many CLNS'ers are aware of our good relationship with Greg and, as the 2012-13 season approached, Gelso and Paul found themselves answering mailbag entries regarding Greg's absence from CSNNE Celtics broadcasts over the last 2 seasons.

We had heard rumblings about back issues and other health concerns but, a year ago this week, The Sports Telegram reminded us just how much of a brave man Mr. Dickerson is... The Celtics super sideline reporter for CSNNE, and former interim PA announcer at Boston Garden, disclosed a year ago that he had been diagnosed with epilepsy after suffering two seizures, forcing him to leave a Celtics broadcast at the Garden.

Furthering Dickerson's troubles, he had also announced that he also suffered from Tourette syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorder for 15 years and dyslexia, a reading disability, since the third grade.

Dickerson told the Sports Telegram (in a February, 2012 article):
Greg Dickerson w quote"I've never really felt comfortable talking about it," Dickerson said. "I'm pretty private, but the reason I decided to be honest about all this stuff is I didn't want a lot of speculation and I didn't feel like lying to everybody." Dickerson said he's informed his family and a few close friends that he has Tourette syndrome and OCD, but not anyone at CSNNE or with the Celtics. "Whether they notice or know, I don't know," he said. "If they know, they are superior people because they're willing to let me battle through this and do my job." Dickerson said a lot of people have called and texted him lately to inquire about his health so he decided to go public to set the record straight. "Maybe if there's a 10-year-old kid out there," Dickerson said, "who's dealing with stuff like this, I can be an inspiration. I can say, ‘If this idiot here who can't talk and twitches all over the place can be on a major NBA broadcast, then they can stand up in front of a class and give a speech.'"

Well Greg, you can be assured that you are an inspiration to all of us. Your basketball knowledge is only trumped by your courageous ability to do your job while suffering through health issues. You are a very brave man and we look forward to talking hoops with you tomorrow night.

Be sure to tune into CLNS Radio and CelticsBlog Wednesday night at 7 pm, EST for some #Celticstalk with a familiar friend and an inspiration to all of us.

You can submit your mailbag entries for Greg Dickerson here. You can follow Greg on Facebook here. As always, the call lines will be open throughout the 90 minute broadcast.

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* In an attempt to get back to weekly podcasting, Gelso and B-Paul may be rotating nights for the next couple months - please stay tuned to CLNS and CelticsBlog for broadcast dates, times and guests.

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