We see a true champion's spirit when the Cs play.
L.A. Clippers have come to Boston today.
No CPaul, he still has a bruised knee,
So does Billups. Griffin's in, but a sore ankle has he.

Today's match-up is their Bledsoe and our AB,
Two early fouls called--on Bradley and Lee.
Q1 Clippers alley-oop, then...alley-oop, alley-oop,
Halfway thru score and assist all the Cs group.

Collins first off the bench, followed by JET,
Just a few minutes in, his first three he did get!
Love when the team in Green has a Green on their Green,
Cs end Q1 up 3, highest scoring Q we have seen!

A sighting in this game, at 40 is Grant Hill,
Hopefully tire him out Barbosa will.
JET to Wilcox--alley-oop!
10 turnovers 15 minutes for the Clippers group.

Seeing Turiaf, Green and Wilcox warms my "heart,"
In each other's medical lives they have played a huge part.
Flagrant one on Turiaf, grabbed Barbosa, original call,
Changed to a foul--tho hand on his neck, to the ground he did fall!

Clippers more turnovers than points far in to Q2,
Bass leads the Cs in assists--a first--it's true!
Cs moving the ball, great balanced play we have seen,
Cs start Q3 up by 19.

Clippers came out with more aggressive D,
More of Griffin and Butler we are starting to see.
Q3 Clippers went on an 8-0 run,
Captain P huge rebound, a three--what fun!

Fun to watch Brandon Bass come alive,
Good D--as a starter he can thrive!
Q3 KG and AB fouls they have four,
Same for Jordan and Griffin if you're keeping score.

Cs great ball movement, again The Truth for three,
Then a rebound and a long pass, Barbosa he could see!
Jeff Green for three, Barbosa for three!
Clippers' Bledsoe, Butler, Jordan we don't want to see.

At the Q3 buzzer Barbosa did score!
Cs up 15 to start Q4!
Barnes, just suspended, for taking Stiemsma to the ground,
Not called for a flagrant today shoving KG around.

5th foul and a technical called on KG,
Refs calling fouls on both teams--won't just let them be.
Crawford's the league's third leading scorer in Q4,
Only Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant score more.

Q4 Clippers went on a 15-4 run,
Cs must get to the hoop to get this done!
Bass a huge rebound! Then a hoop by JET,
Offensive foul on Crawford--AB's feet were set!

Clippers no foul?? The Truth for three!!
Cs win by 2! YIPPEE!! YIPPEE!

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