Mad Scientist Blowup Trade Nonsense

Before you're too hard on me for this craziness I just want it to be known I should have gone to bed a while ago but decided to play around on the trade machine.

This is a complete blow it up type of trade. With the speculations between the Clippers and KG I got to thinking if Pierce was involved I think KG would definitely okay the trade. Thing is Clippers would have to match the money so they would be giving up something like Jordan, Bledsoe, Butler, Odom.

Although I like Bledsoe I believe there are more important pieces to our rebuilding process. I would like to keep Jordan and Odom's expiring contract and flip Bledsoe and Butler for something else.

After looking through most teams I thought the Hawks fit the best whether it was Horford or Smith. I'd rather Horford since I think Smith is too inconsistent for a max deal and would only do it for Smith if he signed first. I think Horford is a true PF anyways and just think he is more professional but I would enjoy having Smith. I'd also rather give up Terry than Lee but I wouldn't let that be a deal breaker.

Another trade I would like to see happen is Terry to the Thunder for Maynor and Lamb. Obviously it benefits them now but Lamb is a promising prospect. Maynor hasn't done much and his contract is up soon so I could see them making this trade.

My ideal Bass trade would be to the Nuggets for Wilson Chandler. Bass fits in well there of course if his shot is falling and I don't think he has done anything this year to warrant this trade. Not like Chandler has either but he shows more promise. I don't know if Nuggets would want to make a deal without involving Mozgov either.

As for guys like Barbosa, Collins, Wilcox who are on the cheap one year deals I would include them in any of these or accept a 2nd rounder or whatever for them. They aren't part of the future unless if Wilcox wants to resign here. Barbosa will get more money from someone else and Collins is useless.

If these were to come true we would be looking at something like this for next year's lineup. With other fillers as draft picks and signings.

  • PG: Rondo, FA/Draft pick
  • SG: Bradley/Lamb
  • SF: Green/Chandler
  • PF: Horford/Sully
  • C: Jordan/Melo
Not quite sure on what the money situation will be looking like after all this and probably should have looked into things more but I think we could get some quality FA or and resign Bradley with the money. There are some good pieces so there is a possibility of making bigger trades for better people. I don't think that is a championship team but it could definitely build into one.

And for the record I'm not for blowing it up unless if we get a good deal. I don't think we have a shot at a title this year and would think Pierce and KG would hang them up after this season. I love what they have done for us but I would rather get something for them while we can.

I didn't really proofread and I am writing this at 4 am but I would like to hear your feedback on this. I would rather not here the comments about wanting Pierce and KG to retire as a Celtic because this is thinking as a GM not as just a fan.

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