Calling out the lurkers! Let your voice be heard


We want to hear from you. Yes you.

Do you come to CelticsBlog regularly and have never registered a user account? Do you have an account that you rarely if ever use? Then you are what we like to call "lurkers" and I'm calling you out.

Please consider registering a user account and joining in the conversation.

I love the community of this blog. Love it. In fact, one of the most important goals I have every day is to initiate conversation. I know I'm not the best writer ever, so I seldom set out to recite poetry to you or preach at you. I just want to get you all started on a topic and let you enjoy the conversation. So it makes me happy to see that this community is so rich with dynamic and respectful conversation.

But it seems like there are a whole lot more people out there just casually reading. You've probably got some really good insight and/or clever comments that you aren't sharing with the group. I think if you get your feet wet and post a few comments you'll see how easy and fun it is. Give it a shot.

My only request is that you follow one simple baseline rule. Respect each other. Sure, we've come up with dozens of rules and guidelines that stem from that, but at the core that is really all there is. Treat others as you would like to be treated and keep it family friendly and everyone will be happy. Our staff works hard to create an environment that encourages people to share their thoughts without fear of being shouted down, taunted, cursed at or name-called. That's something I'm very proud of (we aren't perfect but we're doing the best we can).

So come on and join the fun. Register an account and use it. After all, we've got the Lakers game tonight. Need I say more? Let's start a comments chant. Beat L.A.!

(Note: I'm going to talk about the Forums, FanPosts, and other topics in future posts)

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