Bargnani is back, since 12/9, his first game,
With Rudy Gay now, this team's not the same.
Cs without Rondo, the first game on the road,
Hope for the Celtics Ball at home they showed!

"I bleed green, I die green, that's what it is..."
Said KG with a nod to this being a biz.
DeMar DeRozan (great name), a slasher is he,
Well, be careful of OUR slashers--AB and Lee!

Raptors went on a 7-0 run,
Cs went small, down 3 end Q1.
Raptors 10 free throws, the Cs had none,
Til finally early Q2 Courtney Lee got one.

A Pietrus sighting, always a smile on his face,
Thought he'd return to Boston, but happy in this place.
Lowry to DeRozan--alley-oop,
In the crowd, as always, a huge Cs group.

Doc said something--got a tech very quickly,
He wasn't happy Q1--since then he's been prickly.
Rudy Gay and KG are neck and neck in scoring,
Green needs to be aggressive--first half he's been boring.

Cs up 5 at the end of Q2,
Q3 ball slowed down til Bass broke through.
Refs are doing a lot of talking in the middle of the floor,
Looks like they are trying to add to the Raptors' score.

Raptors 13-5 run til AB got started,
Coast to coast (drew the foul) he quickly darted.
Bass playing well, double figures early Q3,
Love these words, "AB for three!"

Cs rhythm this game has slowed way down,
Partly because the Bench hasn't been around.
Lowry and Gay heated up during Q3,
Cs starters all double figures, 4 fouls on KG.

Another Raptors run, this one's 17-4,
Lazy passes, no speed, Cs down 10 start Q4.
Cs a 7-0 run, mostly Green and JET,
Activity from the Bench, the most we've seen yet.

KG earned his 25,000th plus point,
Guess it'll be announced when he gets to our joint!
Raptors 12 steals, on most of which they did score,
Barbosa, once a Raptor, carried the Cs in Q4!

Finally upfaking the three and heading to the rim,
Our Captain at the line--we've been waiting for him!
With The Bench working hard, clearly Green they bleed,
4 minutes left, the Cs took the lead.

Cs by 5, Gay stripped of the ball,
Lowry good upfake, on Green the call.
11 in Q4, season high game for KG,
No kidding around, he must stay a C!

DeRozan fumbled out of bounds, the Cs were all in,
That's how--by 4--THE CELTICS DID WIN!


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