Doc reached 400 Cs wins, makes him number three,
Heinsohn has 427--Red 975 has he.
Is this the end of an era, the Lakers and the Cs?
What a night in The Garden--but Stevie Kerr! Geez!

After Kobe's jawin' Howard is starting tonight,
To celebrate Nash's 39th birthday? That seems right.
At the Lakers' end, Howard's the first to score,
Dr. Kobe's watching! He better perform on the floor.

Q1 five fouls in the first minutes--less than three,
Over the limit--a record? Two on KG.
Love watching Lee and AB playing together,
"Noise" from Stevie Kerr and Marv we have to weather.

Love these words, "Jeff Green for Three!"
Good minutes Wilcox, Collins in for KG.
Q1 there's a shootout on the floor,
Kobe and Pierce! Cs are up by 4.

Better aggressive play from Number Eight Jeff Green,
Q2 giving the Cs the largest lead they've seen.
25,000th point for KG (I was wrong the other night),
Still teaching the Cs organization the new meaning of "fight."

Doc: "The pace, the pace, the pace, the pace...."
Cs excellent ball movement and better space.
Nash heated up, still has his shot,
But not the explosiveness Jeff Green has got!

JET for three, Wilcox jam, KG assist,
Nothing to do with Rondo being missed.
Cs up 14 to start Q3,
25,000 points, 10,000 boards, 5,000 assists, 1500 blocks, 1500 steals--ONLY KG!

Pierce took a charge, Nash denied by AB,
Good defense on Kobe by Courtney Lee.
Kobe a heating pad on his elbow, sensitive to the touch,
Was he kidding when he said it was from passing too much?

Cs three consecutive turnovers to start Q3,
But no points from them did the Lakers see.
Cs spectacular ball movement, guys all going to the hoop,
Mostly Kobe, a little from Nash, for the Lakers group.

When we watch these Cs games, can't get my fill
Of Cs exploding to the hoop, seemingly at will.
AB with a steal, right back to the rim,
Even the guys on the bench were cheering for him!

Bass, Bradley, JET and Number Eight Jeff Green
In Q3--plus The Truth, The Scoring Machine!
Cs up 26 to start Q4
37 points in Q3 we did score!

KG said Green had to be meaner--he was tonight,
Brought energy and points--he came to fight!
JET with a steal, Cs are having some fun,
Cs a 30 point lead, Kobe (no assists) is done.

Dwight(mare) Howard fouled out of the game,
Kobe can't be angry, at least he came.
Fab Melo's first points, in the D-League he played D!
Good experience for him some minutes to see.

In the Celtics' game a statement was made,
By the fans, to both teams, respect was paid. Gino came to town, love KG's grin, What I love even more? The Cs' 21 point win!

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