Many roster spots Ainge has had to fill,
10 days DJ White, full season and next TWill.
Now we have Shavlik Randolph, a big who doesn't lumber,
Grandpa was a Knick (84), Randolph (42) wears half his number.

Wednesday Steph Curry treated the Knicks quite badly,
Tonight he'll be guarded by Avery Bradley.
When Doc was asked about our new guys in the game,
He said all he really wants is to know each one's name.

Cs first score: bounce pass, KG to Lee,
(Which followed an ugly turnover by Captain P).
Bass rebounding, sweet shot and hard to the hoop,
Performing better, more relevant, for the Cs group.

When discussing the Warriors you have to say,
They have Steph Curry but also Thompson, that's Klay.
Cs excellent ball movement, AB steals and good D,
Both teams have a Green! Both teams have a Lee.

Curry's first hoop (AB out) end Q1.
"The Captain And The Truth" everything done!
Cs up 11 to start Q2,
Cs doing what we always hope they'll do!

KG's impact in Boston has been resounding,
Having passed Olajuwon, 11th all-time in rebounding.
Q2 Cs had trouble shooting the ball,
Into the camera guys one of the refs did fall.

Cs' Bench struggled, seemed to have no rhythm,
Only time they scored was when Pierce was with 'em.
Warriors went on a run, then AB for Three!
18 first half points for Captain P!

Cs start Q3 up by 4,
Pierce turnover--Warriors tie the score.
Warriors went on a 9-0 run,
Cs turnovers and too many shots one and done.

No fouls called on Curry, but a 5th on AB,
Phantom fouls that only one ref could see.
Green went down hard, landed on his wrist and hip,
Called an offensive foul on him on that trip.

Pierce flew down the court, a very loud two!
Finally JET for Three like he's supposed to do!
Cs went on a 13-2 run,
Cs up 7 when Q3 was done.

Green and Wilcox--I love these guys!
When Crawford gets the ball, to the hoop he flies.
Cs' Bench is scoring in the second half,
See Curry and Jeff Green sharing a laugh.

Most of Q4 belonged to Number Eight Jeff Green,
Tonight he--not Steph Curry--was the scoring machine.
He played great D, and was able to score,
Spent lots of time landing hard on the floor.

Under a minute left, with 5 fouls, AB,
Curry 6 for 22 because of AB and Lee.
CELTICS WIN, seems they enjoyed their rest,
What fun to see Green playing his best!

(8 in a row at home) streaking....

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