We're in Oklahoma--Jeff Green's first time back,
Perk in a Thunder uniform still looks wack.
First Cs' play Captain P turnover up the floor,
KG and AB first Cs to score.

Key match-up today, Westbrook, AB, both zero,
Celtics Ball now--great movement, not hero.
Early turnovers for the Cs, maybe they're uptight,
Playing number one OKC, it only seems right.

According to Perk, from KG he learned a theme,
He's applied it in OKC, "lose your self in the team."
Exciting play, a three by Courtney Lee,
Answered at the other end by Westbrook for three.

Jeff Green Number Eight got a standing ovation,
Have to admire the graciousness of OKC nation.
Toward the end of Q1 two fouls on KD,
Cs having success with fastbreaks on OKC.

Love Jordan Crawford, he is bold!
Hope on his services Ainge is sold.
Cs uptempo pace, coast to coast Jeff Green,
Few OKC second chances we have seen.

Despite 9 turnovers, Cs down 1 start Q2,
Fun to see what T. Will as a point guard can do.
Fisher, sore knee, told the Mavs with his family needed time,
Then signed with number one OKC--a little bit of slime.

Cs' Bench is struggling, OKC finding the open floor,
OKC 10-0 run stopped by Captain P score...score.
Not much to report about Bass til his loud two,
Durant most free throws in the league--saw that's true.

Under 2:00 Q2 AB and Lee for three,
That illegal screen called, foul on KG.
Cs rebounded well, love each fastbreak point
Cs down 5 to start Q3 in OKC's joint.

Doc said guys should relax, especially Jeff Green,
AB playing some of the best D Westbrook has seen.
Early Q4, Paul Pierce For Three,
Good screens being run for Captain P.

Midway through Q3, The Truth foul four,
Cs having trouble when they try to score.
Wilcox nice lay-up on an AB pass,
Good, though quiet, rebounding from Brandon Bass.

Kevin Martin scored, shooting over JET,
Has he shown his worth traded for Harden yet?
At long last, Jeff Green a stunning dunk,
Has to lift the Cs Bench out of its scoring funk.

Bass is working hard, cannot say he is not,
But with all that effort, he must find his shot.
Q3 Cs held OKC to 18, all they could score,
Cs down 3 to start Q4.

OKC just one offensive rebound in the game so far.
A rebounding team is what the Celtics now are?
KG is struggling, missed many shots in a row,
But he does so much else, trying to get the ball to go.

Early Q4 OKC an 11-2 run,
On a tip from KG, Cs finally scored one!
Hyped-up, sloppy play at both ends of the floor,
Celtics--with opportunities--still cannot score.

Pierce great pass, AB For Three,
Doc yelling ball movement's what he wants to see.
AB great block but called a goal tend,
Could that call make a difference in the end?

JET For Three, JET For Three, beautiful sight,
Too bad for Perk who did everything right.
Under 2:00 left, Cs tremendous D,
Game was won by 12 (sadly) by OKC.

Cs worked hard, it was just a tough day,

Cs played with heart, so I guess it's...OK.

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