Jeff Green (JEFF GREEN!) - All Heart


KG out, then having treatment, then sick, then his thigh,

Without KG of relief Miami heaves a huge sigh.

Cs won the tip, you would've thought it was the game,

Bass led off with two, then two from AB came.

Bass hard to the hoop, Heat hard to the inside,

Heat an 8-0 run to get them off the schneid.

Example: Green getting out in front of the Heat,

It's what Miami does against the teams they beat.

Ray glad handing, Cs' coaches hands he did clench,

How brave was he--without KG on the bench?

Ray came in--lots of boos--missed two threes,

Jeff Green For Three, this the crowd did please!

Green right over Battier--over anyone's D,

Don't forget AB, Lee then Paul Pierce For Three!

With Wade on the bench, Cs a 17-0 run,

Green (leading The Green)!coast to coast--oh, what fun!

JET defending Ray, pull-up jumper in his range,

Seeing Ray in red will always look (ugly and) strange.

Cs (67%) up 12 to start Q2,

Saying "GREEN PLAYS WITH HEART," too easy to do.

I cannot in good conscience mention ray allen for three.

Early Q2 two quick fouls on Courtney Lee.

Staying with this rhyme: Jeff Green For Three, For Three,

Doc happy, this is the pace he wanted to see.

Wilcox is rebounding! Tommy says Lebron palms the ball,

Against the Heat, against Lebron? There will never be that call.

Cole to Lebron--glared at JET, usual showboating,

Ref called a tech on Lebron (JET on the ground)--he was gloating.

Coast to coast, incredible block by AB!

Love these words: Paul Pierce For Three!

Enjoy seeing Bass gathering himself under the hoop,

Chalmers with a flop--getting testy, each group.

Official Review--a long time--checking Captain P's three,

Tommy said the refs just want to be on TV.

Several fouls called on the Cs, refs trying to change the game,

Since at the other end the calls aren't the same.

Cs 17 point lead down to 6 toward end Q2,

Heat 25-14 run, helped by the refs, what to do?

Because he was "too aggressive" said the ref, foul AB,

Cs (Green 26) up 6 to start Q3.

First half Cs had one free throw point, Heat had nine,

Doc telling his guys: no turnovers--get to the line!

Heat tied the game, took the lead, at the start of Q3,

Finally stopping the damage, shot by Courtney Lee.

Cs 5 quick turnovers, sloppy with each pass,

Chalmers at the line, shot clock down--phantom call on Bass!

First foul called on Lebron--to the refs he cries,

Tech on any C with just a look of surprise.

Gutsy play by Doc and every guy in Green,

(same rhyme) Crowd yelling, "JEFF GREEN, JEFF GREEN!"

Some of the best play by this team we have seen,


Doc, not really using the bench, playing eight guys tonight,

Somehow Pierce throughout will have to remain upright.

Love Crawford's energy--fun to see him to strip Ray,

Clean block by Wilcox of course called Lebron's way.

Did I mention JEFF GREEN? Jeff Green For Three,

Very tough charge taken by Captain P.

Cs (Green 38) up 4 start Q4,

Jeff Green For Three, then Shane Battier same score.

Up and under, Crawford hard to the hoop,

JET scored and scored, energizing this group.

Crawford popped out and took a deep three,

Green finally got a rest--when he had scored 43!

A 9-0 run by Mi-Am-Eee,

Stopped by Courtney Lee For Three!

In fastbreak points, the Cs have the lead,

Doc wants the guys to keep up their speed.

Lebron and Wade to the hoop, passing Bass is too easy,

Finally Pierce to the hoop, foul on Lebron, I feel queasy.

Chalmers for three, the lead to the Heat,

A 15-4 run from this team hard to beat.

Aggressive play from Captain P,

In the corner, AB For Three!

Lebron to the hoop as hard as we've seen,

Greeted there by...Number Eight Jeff Green!

Official Review on an out of bounds play,

Never a question--it went Miami's way.

Heat shot clock violation, Cs played great D,

10 seconds left Heat 105, Cs 103.

(another) Official Review, out of bounds, seemed off Green,

(pardon the rhyme) Ball still went to The Green.

Cs played with all Heart, but lost this game,

All I can say: it's a crying (I mean crying) shame.

This poem is so long, hope you are not snoozing,

All the Cs pulled together despite this tough losing.

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