Should Jeff Green be starting?

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

I'll keep this brief. It's an intriguing question which some have started to raise, particularly since late February when Jeff annihilated the Suns.

We all said it - Jeff Green isn't a power forward. From the greater sample size of this whole season, we would all have to be in agreement that he has been much more productive at small forward. But then came February.

Now for the intrigue. The first time Jeff started this year was against the lowly Phoenix Suns, starting at power forward. He finished with 31 points and 7 rebounds, not to mention the four assists, two steals and five blocks (thanks largely to 3 in one sequence). While encouraging, this could have been dismissed based on the competition.

But how do you dismiss this? 43 points, seven rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals and 4 blocks against a team boasting a 22 (now 23) game win streak, the best player in the world, another who is at the very least top 10 and a very good big man. Unfortunately, like Rondo before him in the 2012 ECF, Jeff Green cannot beat Miami by himself.

This is not meant as a disrespect to Brandon Bass, who has really stepped up in the last few weeks. But neither was it (meant to be) disrespectful to Ray Allen to start Avery Bradley. Keep in mind that Bass has already lost his starting spot to Sullinger once this year before his injury.

Some would argue that Green is already playing starters minutes and finishes games, and that starting would merely be a formality or a title. Some may still find a way to argue that Jeff is a small forward. I am of the opinion that Jeff is (at least) one of our best three players right now, and I want him on the court as much as possible. Further, I'd like to give him the opportunity to set the tone of the game as opposed to coming in 10 minutes in to the game.

Clearly, I think Jeff should be on the court to start games. Thoughts?

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