Please Doc play the JG - PP - KG line up more often

Dear Doc,

I know you like Bass cause he's a team guy, a good role player, occassionaly rebounds and occassioanly defends against much bigger PFs and Centers (I'm grasping for straws here). But please would you consider playing the JG PP KG lineup a lot more often?

See JG scored only 13 points here and all in the first half. It's easy to dismiss that he was passive and made a lot of mistakes but guess what PP does as well and you don't necessarily take him out. When KG misses a lot of shots you still keep him in the game and you even call plays for him.

But when it comes to JG, I don't know, I get the impression you just want him to stand in the corner 3 for somebody to find him. When he's struggling you take him out and put him back in a looooot later. See my beef with this JG can score but you need to get him going. I know somehow you see that as well.

Leaving him out to play with PP and KG for most times could be the solution. When PP and KG are on the floor, they draw a lot of attention and that opens JG for either a drive (although it's all right) or a 3 pointer.That goes vice versa when JG is in rhythm and aggressive, he draws attention from defenders that would open up PP and KG. Bass doesn't do that often (or not at all).

But when JG struggles, you don't find ways (from my view) to get him going. I don't get it. After dropping 43 last night he played 26 minutes and he was only confined to 2 points in the second half. My point is, at the very least you could have called out more plays for a him to get him going!

But then you went more with JCraw who was also struggling with his street ball style of play. And guess what? The basketball God punished the C's for "showtime" and the fact that you can seemingly use JG at an optimal level. Hope this changes come playoff time. I personally really would see how it would go and if my hunch is right. Pretty please?




I still think you're one of the greatest active coaches in the NBA. Please back me up on this one and prove your haters wrong. Thank you!

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