JET's first trip to Dallas since he became a C,

Game One of a back to back, tonight in Big D.

His Maverick teammates loved Jason Terry so much,

Nowitzki says he's the best he's played with--in the clutch.

The 1998 Draft, remember way back when?

Nowitzki picked Ninth, Pierce was Ten.

Hold The Mayo--he scored first.

Cs forgetting the NOLA game, one of our worst.

Mike James, a Mav, used to be a C,

First scorer for the Cs tonight was KG.

Mavs scored a ton, took an early lead,

Better pick and roll D the Cs do need.

PP for three, Cs went on an 11-4 run,

Three Q1 easy lay-ups--they made none.

Because Dallas is in The West, it makes it harder,

To remember they've Shawn Marion and Vince Carter.

JET came in to a standing O,

On his first play to the hoop he did go.

Turnovers Q1 the Cs had four,

13-2 run by Dallas, their bench can score.

Crazy fouls on the Cs, the refs by design?

Cs start Q2 down by 9.

Q2 Cs missed so many lay-ups, but played more D,

Hard to the hoop, good, strong play, from Bass did we see.

After words from Doc, picked up the pace Courtney Lee,

Most of the Cs' rebounding was done by KG.

Bass looked inspired, great shots he did make,

Gotta love AB on that fastbreak.

End Q2 Cs sloppy play, Mavs run 10-3,

Cs down 11 to start Q3.

Q3 through KG went almost every play,

Somehow Brandan Wright is having his way.

Finally get to say these words, "Bradley For Three,"

HOFers battling--Nowitzki and KG.

Cs spent most of this game down by 12 or 10,

Cs start Q4 down 11--again.

Crawford is scary til...he makes a three!

Followed by a steal, scored again--again--did he.

Cs went on a 10-2 run,

Somehow with Pierce on the bench this was done.

Cs got the lead down to 6, then Mavs back to 10,

The theme of the night--ugh--again and again.

Crawford is flying around--all over the place,

But he adds energy and picks up the pace.

Mavs going to the hoop, seemingly at will,

Doc furious on the sideline, he has had his fill.

Pierce took few field goals until Q4,

Cs got shots, they just couldn't score.

Cs cut the lead to 5 with 1:51 to go,

Cs scoring not off the dribble but on the long throw.

Down on the ground--rolled ankle--Courtney Lee,

During which time Mayo made a three.

Mavs' Wright, high scorer, had a career night.

Cs lost by 10--sadly, sounds about right.

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