Courtney Lee Should Be A Ball Stopper

Courtney Lee is essentially supposed to be the replacement for Ray Allen with his size, his defense, and his 3-point shooting. Asking to replace a future hall-of-famer is a tall task for anybody, but I think Lee can do very similar things to what Ray Allen did, if Lee was told to be a "Ball Stopper".

A ball stopper is simply someone who shoots once the ball gets to him. This should be the mentality of Courtney Lee. Too often do I see the ball work from one side of the court, get to Lee on the other side where it looks like he has a good shot, but he pump fakes, runs towards the rim, and passes the ball back out again so the process can start over. This shouldn't have to be the case, especially when you consider the fact that Lee has the 3rd highest eFG% on the team behind only Wilcox and Terry.

Courtney Lee is playing at a good level. All of his shooting percentages are solid, and even though he starts, and averages over 25 minutes a game, he only averages less than 7 shots a contest. Courtney Lee averages almost 8 points a game on less than 7 shots, while going to the free throw line less than one time a game. I've heard Jason Terry wanting be more aggressive, I've heard Green say (and do) similar things, and even Avery Bradley is more aggressive in trying to score, but I just want to see Lee with that same attitude.

When you look at Courtney Lee's 3 season highs in scoring, see what they all have in common:

1) 20 points, on 9 of 16 shooting (56.3%), and 2/3 (66.7%) from 3-point range in 31 minutes.

2) 18 points, on 6 of 13 shooting (46.2%), and 2/3 (66.7%) from 3-points range in 40 minutes.

3) 16 points, on 5 of 10 shooting (50%), and 1/4 (25%) from 3-point range in 26 minutes.

3) 16 points, on 6 of 12 shooting (50%), and 2/5 (40%) from 3-point range in 27 minutes.


In those 4 games, Lee has averaged about 17.5 points, and 12.8 shots a game, in 31 minutes. I don't feel like Lee necessarily has to play 31 minutes, because I think 25 is a good number for him, but I would like to see his shot attempts go up to where Avery Bradley's is right now. I want the number to be around 8 to11 shots.

I have no idea what's going on in the locker room, and so maybe someone has told Lee to be more aggressive already, but he just hasn't done it yet, but whatever the case may be, I'd like to see him shoot more.

What are your thoughts? Should Lee turn into a ball stopper like Crawford? Is the pace that he's playing at already acceptable?

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