"EXIT, PURSUED BY A BEAR." Shakespeare

Third game in four nights, now feeling broken-hearted:
No Lee (ankle), no KG (foot)--before we even got started.
First time since Rondo's out we've lost three in a row,
T. Will, Randolph, Crawford, D.J. White will all go.

Memphis' Gasol's out, ab issue, reinjured a tear
Randolph won't start--on time he wasn't there.
First score for the Griz, Tony Allen we did see,
Cs: Bass hard to the hoop, then Green For Three.

Cs went on a 12-0 run,
AB loud dunk--he is so much fun!
Conley, it seems, wherever he wants he goes,
Griz a 15-6 run as the Cs' pace slows.

Pierce fouled Bayless hard--flagrant--both fell to the floor,
Refs debated a long time whether the late basket to score.
Turned into a four point play, Grizzlies took the lead,
Til a tough Captain P provided the offense the Cs need.

59% shooting, Cs up 2 start Q2,
Still had turnovers like we usually do.
JET For Three, then Bayless did the same,
Like to see more T. Will in the game.

Crawford hard to the hoop, Bayless gave him a shove!
Refs reviewed and reviewed--(ugh) like all the fans love!
Bayless called for the foul, then for the tech, too,
Arthur got hot--who knew what he could do?

Wilcox good block, called a foul--from across the floor,
Doc's been yelling so much, his throat must be sore.
20 first half points for Bayless, he was hot,
On offense and defense the Cs were not.

Bass had some good moments, Cs down 10 start Q3,
Some of my favorite words, "Pierce For Three,"...three!
Pardon the rhyme, but the Cs are struggling on D,
Griz too much hustle, Bayless for three.

Randolph is a load, and upon receiving a pass,
He "fell" face down, being fronted by (and foul on) Bass.
Cs look disorganized, they keep fumbling the ball,
Guys are working hard--someone (more Bass) has to help Paul.

Conley hit the deck so, of course, Pierce's foul--four!
Pierce For Three--his only recourse is to score.
Crawford great pass to Wilcox-Cs 7-0 run,
Cs down 12 when Q3 was done.

Bayless continues to have the hot hand,
No quit in the Cs, trying to make a stand.
TA has refs' respect, double dribble Captain P?
Doc got a tech, quick make-up call we did see.

Good plays by Randolph, then Crawford For Three,
D.J. White some minutes, T. Will For Three.
Even during a tough game, there is humor still,
Carrying a ball wherever he goes is our T. Will.

TA on the bench, changes the Grizzlies' D
It's Randolph on Randolph, bloody nose for the C.
Crazy play at the end of Q4,
Crawford scoring from all over the floor!

Cs had been down by as much as twenty-one,
The Heart of the New Guys nearly got this game won!


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