What can we learn out of the Memphis visit

The last road trip was pretty horrible, but out of everything bad you can learn something that maybe one time can turn into a positive way. The Celtics ended the road trip in Memphis, down by 21 early in the 4th quarter Doc went to the end of the bench as garbage time started things became interesting. Boston came within two and nearly had a shot to steal the game but things didn't work out perfectly in the end. But what can we and especially Doc learn from that game and the road trip.

Here are my points:

1.) Avery Bradley is not a PG. He's not a good ball handler, not a good passer or decision maker. To me on offense he's a great cutter, a decent spot-up shooter and a guy who can from time to time run a pick and roll. Bradley should not bring the ball, he should play on the SG position

2.) Let Terence Williams start at PG. He's by far the best ball handler in the team he can run plays, finds the open man. He can not defend quick guards, but we got AB for that. And he's a good rebounder. Celtics offense looks much better when he initiates the plays

3.) Small-Ball sucks. Doc should definitly stop playing Green at PF and Bass at C. That lineup is a joke. They can never score enough points as they give up on defense, with the Celtics paint just being opened for everybody to score or to rebound. I don't know why we're still copying the Heat. The only reason why the small line-up for the Heat works is because LeBron is a very good rebounder and he gets away on defense with nearly everything. Same thing for Durant. Jeff Green and Brandon Bass are horrible rebounders. The Celtics get eaten alive on the boards again and again. The only time in the Memphis game where we had some kind of paint protection was when DJ White and Randolph were playing. The two combined for 5 blocks in just one quarter, And they played with a lot of energy. I wanna see these guys getting more minutes, which gets me to the next point

4.) Get Wilcox out of the rotation. I know his stat line looked ok yesterday, but the guy is just awful on defense. The Grizzlies scored at will when he was on the floor. He missed nearly every rotation or was late. And when they missed a shot he didn't box out. And on offense, well without Rondo's passes he's pretty useless. I'd like to see much more of Randolph and White, these guys show a lot more energy and effort than Wilcox and Bass. So I'd also like to see these guys getting some minutes from Bass. The Celtics need guys that bring energy off the bench. Wilcox right now is the exact opposite.

5.) Reduce the Jets minutes. Doc should really get Terry's minutes down a bit. Right now the guy hurts the team. It seems like he just brought his defense from Dallas.

I know that Doc will unfotunately not even do one of this 5 things which leaves me back pretty frustrated, because I think this team still can be succesfull with just little changes, but Doc is a stubborn who rarely likes to change anything in the team...pretty bad for our Celtics. Hopefully the team can keep the 7th seed. I really like the team's chances against the Pacers though.

Ok guys now it's your turn, tell me what your thoughts are, how things should be handled the rest of the season.

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