Knicks want the Atlantic Division, the Cs they won't pardon,
Cs take on the Knicks in Madison Square Garden.
Each man on the Knicks needs his own Celtics handler,
Bulging back disk, now pinched nerve, no Tyson Chandler.

JET hates the Heat, he said in statements so bold,
Especially loves Boston--there's NO heat--it's cold!
Jeff Green, when first in Boston, thought KG was insane,
After these years thought his intensity "...would've fried his brain."

He's been quietly working hard--first score by Bass,
Cs' first turnover--to Doc the ball Pierce did pass.
Early Q1 those words, "Paul Pierce For Three!"
Wonder how many shots from Carmelo we'll see.

Green hard to the hoop, then at the clock buzzer a three,
Offensive struggles--not defensive--still plaguing AB.
Lee first off the Cs' bench, part of the Cs' 12-1 run,
Two early fouls on Bass, Tommy's not having fun.

Toward the end of Q1 an appearance by Shav,
He's a great addition--a rebounder we have!
Knicks went on a 9-2 run,
Cs down 5 at the end of Q1.

Doc's advice: before offense, gotta play D.
Several Knicks lights out shooting of the three.
Cs can't try to match the threes of this Knicks' group
Crawford (great passer!) to Lee--alley-oop!

"Step your game up" on a band on JET's wrist.
14-2 run by the Knicks, very few threes missed.
Cs not helping themselves from the free throw line,
Novak and Copeland played in Q2 just fine.

Cs briefly good ball movement, PP For Three,
Doc got a tech--glared at the ref!--bad call on AB.
Q2 Jeff Green the only C who was able to score,
Because Green the only C putting the ball on the floor.

Season high against the Cs, in Q2 and at the half,
Knicks 11 for 16 threes, enjoying a good laugh.
End Q2 Felton let it fly, used the glass, made that three,
Doc is agitated--Cs down 17 to start Q3.

Shumpert for three, he joined the fray,
What can the Cs do? Knicks are having a day.
Captain P For Three, Captain P For Three,
Plus tonight the only rebounder is...PP.

Pierce is doing it all, at both ends, playing large,
Drew the fourth foul on 'Melo taking a hard charge.
Green great shooting, many ways he can score,
Q3 Cs pushing the ball harder up the floor.

Fifth foul on AB, Cs' bench not helping much,
Find ourselves praying JET--someone?--finds his touch.
J. R. Smith is having no trouble, he can score,
Cs down 17 to start Q4.

Cs trying to get into the game by shooting threes,
How about driving to the hoop? Wanna see THOSE Cs.
Doc's not happy with Wilcox, needs to up his game,
Used tonight to work the new guys, Q4 in they came.

T. Will always carries a ball, just quietly, no fuss,
Heard he even dribbles the ball up the stairs of the bus!
Green and Pierce were great, the only two,
The Coaches have a lot of work to do.

We haven't had a practice in a really long time--
Cs lost by 19--I am out of rhyme.

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