Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Indianapolis tonight,
West, George, Hibbert, Hill will be a tough fight.
Pacers are second in the east, known for their D,
Frank Vogel's their coach, used to be a C.

Hibbert protects the paint, and the rim,
Good for KG--leaves openings for him.
Of this season KG,
Hit his first Three!

Pacers running like crazy up and down the floor,
Q1 Hibbert's the Pacer with the most rebounds and score.
Solid play so far from AB, Wilcox, Bass,
Looking for good ball movement with that extra pass.

Pacers are aggressive, they have power and D,
They are on fire, not so any C.
Pacers went on a 17-6 run,
Cs down 8 at the end of Q1.

Last game these teams played, in the Garden Pacers beaten,
You know circled on their calendars they had this meetin'.
Mack is not a C (Hawk), but welcome DJ White.
Doc told his guys to get their motors running right!

Halfway through Q2 to the hoop--finally--Green!
Some of the worst officiating we have seen!
Rapid fouls against the Cs, then a defensive three,
Pacers needn't worry--Cs have no chance to play D.

Pacers have made this game very hard to play,
Wherever the Cs go there's a Pacer in the way.
One Celtic who can really rebound well?
KG--now 10th all-time, passed Wes Unseld.

Jeff Green For Three, AB For Three, then two,
That In-Between game is what Lee can do.
Right near the exit, at the buzzer, Captain P,
C s down 7 to start Q3.

Now I know why they're called the "Pacers," very clear,
Cs having trouble scoring and finding rhythm here.
Stephenson may be a handful, but tonight he can play,
Pacers scoring in the paint, standing there all day!

Rough night at both ends for Captain P,
Love these words, "Paul Pierce For Three!"
Cs' offense is scrambled, lots of one and done,
That is not how this Pacers game can be won.

Down 10 start Q4 for the Celtics group.
JET to KG alley-oop!
Then from the corner JET For Three,
Maybe a make-up call (not enough!) for KG.

Cs went on a 20-7 run,
Double Foul (??) Hibbert & KG--REFS having fun.
JET For Three, with an answer is Hill,
George for three while the Cs stood still.

Cs a 7-0 run, The Truth For Three,
Celtics Ball we're finally starting to see.
No foul called for a knocked down AB,
Cs tie the game-AB, pass from KG.


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