Rondo Celts or Doc's Celts???

After watching the replay of last nights Pacers win I turned on the radio and caught the 'Big Show" on eei. It was mostly a discussion led by Holly and Max on the Celts with and without Rondo.

I found their commentary interesting and their listeners called in with some very insightful comments.I would like to offer my thoughts on what is probably the most over-talked issue in the Celtic world.

With Rondo we get a style of play, that with the right players, controls tempo and has the point providing the direction. This is all well and good when you have those right players to compliment that style of play.In 2008 (5 seasons ago) that was what was called for.

Note the comment 5 years ago. Racing up and down the floor were younger legs that could post up their opposition. That is not the case today with PP of KG.

Today the flow of the current Celtic game is run and run some more. Even though the legs are older the scoring is in transistion. This is a different team than the one with Rondo. They are better in transistion and ball movement is the key. They also know their limits and Doc has been the Maestro at letting them know their roles. Given the personalities of the players and the unity shown, by all standing until they score, this is a Coaches team

Its all about choices and understanding your weaknesses. Good, great point guards get their numbers. Look at Westbrook even John Stockton, Chris Paul and points of today. They have great stats but are a little light in RINGS.

Give me Rondo and Avery Bradley together and Lee and Green off the bench.Rondo and this group with Doc's leadership make this team better.


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