What Could Kevin Garnett's Three-Pointers Mean For The Celtics?

Kevin Garnett has range, and I've always thought that if you could hit a shot with your foot on the 3-point line, why not attempt some 3-pointers? It would be interesting to see if Garnett tries to add the 3-point shot to his already vast arsenal of offensive weapons.

Kevin Garnett doesn't attempt or make many three-pointers, but he's had 2 consecutive games with a made three-pointer. He's made 2 of his last 3 (the last one was a desperation 3-point attempt). Prior to the last 2 games, Garnett was 0-11 from 3-point range on the season (a lot of those shots were half-court or full-court heaves).

For his career, Garnett has made 173 3-pointers out of 619 attempts (28%), and he's only made 9 out of 41 (22%) in a Celtic uniform. Garnett is already one of the better mid-range shot makers in the NBA. He shoots 48% from 16-23 feet, which is of course where Garnett attempts most of his shots (now keep in mind that corner 3-pointers are 22 feet away from the basket).

If Garnett can start to hit 3-pointers with consistency, could that be a good thing? I know the last thing some people may want is their Centers taking even more jump shots, and moving even further away from the rim, but it could be an extremely useful weapon.

For one, it wouldn't necessarily require Garnett to run the width of the court to attempt a shot. Garnett's last 2 3-point makes came from simply running from the defensive end of the court, and walking up to the 3-point line for an open shot. It would also mean that Garnett wouldn't have to run as far back on defense, if he misses.

In addition, if opposing bigs start respecting Garnett's shot, they'd have to go even further out than normal to the 3-point line to defend him, making it that much harder to collect defensive rebounds (granted, it may be harder for the Celtics to collect offensive rebounds as well, but it's not like we've been killing the league on the offensive boards). That would also help space the floor just a little more which couldn't hurt.

Lastly, it's an extra point. Who can't use extra points right?

Now I don't want Garnett to live on the perimeter. I'm not looking for a Ryan Andersen here. I'd still like him to shoot from where he's most comfortable (anywhere in the mid-range), and to score on the occasional post up. I'd just like for Garnett to keep taking those same type of walk-up-to-the-line-if-the-opposing-big-is-near-the-freethrow-line 3-pointers.

What are your thoughts? Would you want Garnett to expand his game to 3-pointers? Can this be a new legit weapon for the Celtics?

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