Pierce is not in Minnesota, personal reasons says he,
Last night he turned his ankle, starting to sound like KG.
Because he seems to be feeling better, Lee gets the start,
Gives him a chance--along with Wilcox--to show his "heart."

Wolves' Love is out, second time he broke his hand,
So many teams in the Association are seriously undermanned.
We'll see the magician, Ricky Rubio, with the ball,
Cs will play by committee, new guys'll answer the call.

AB buried the jump shot, first one to score,
Wilcox early foul trouble, aggressive on the floor.
Randolph is playing Kirilenko, his chance to shine,
As Doc his 8 (9?) playoff players he tries to define.

Wolves went on an 8-0 run,
Pekovic and Rubio getting that done.
Three fouls in five minutes on our guy Shav,
Not much respect from the refs does he have.

JET For Three, nice shot by T. Will.
Cs down 2, Q1 not much of a thrill.
D. J. White start Q2, bench was driven by JET,
Haven't seen all that Randolph is capable of yet.

At long last, settling in, Lee For Three!
Offense is developing-with a Three--for AB!
AB to Bass--alley-oop,
At the half, down 5, for the Celtics group.

Early Q3 Wolves out to a 12 point lead,
Good job Wilcox, then 4th foul he did not need.
We can forgive Crawford for the crazy shots missed,
Because he leads the Celtics in assists.

Cs disorganized defense, too many turnovers, too,
Love what Bass--still quietly--has been able to do.
Wasn't until mid-Q3 finally a rest for Green,
AB a clean steal, foul on him--that was mean.

Wolves' 10-0 run was stopped by JET.
Williams For Three--learning each offensive set.
From his Dallas days, just got to say-uh,
I could still do without J.J. Barea.

Green is walking off a now sore hip,
From Pekovic--no call--he took a clip.
Cs down 6 to start Q4,
On accidental offense the Wolves can score.

Wolves went on a 7-0 run,
Of the Cs, solid D being played one.
Doc has to mess with rotations--who rises to the top?
These playoff auditions are tough--please make them stop!

JET For Three, he stopped the bleeding,
AB with his shot the Cs have been needing.
Cs were outscored in the paint, on turnovers galore,
But the Cs' new guys got time on the floor.

Cs haven't lost to the Wolves, how long must it be?
Probably back when the Wolves still had KG.
Cs lost this game, down by 10.
They'll pull themselves together, just a question of when....

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